Reclass from 35P to 35Q

I recently graduated DLI + Goodfellow as a cryptologic linguist.

I have a 6 year contract (~3 years 8 months remaining) with 4 months at my present duty station.

When I first arrived my PSG was taking names of people interested in 35Q - this list never materialized into anything so a month later I began pursuing voluntary reclass through my BN career counselor.

My career counselor gave me a form to be signed by 1SG and CO verifying APFT/flags(No problems here) and after being lost, resubmitted and sat on for a month I finally was able to meet with 1SG to discuss his concerns. While the career counselor says that I am eligible to voluntarily reclass my 1SG says that I have to serve a minimum of 30 months in my MOS as per AR 614-200 (table 4-1). I asked the career counselor several times about the service remaining requirement and whether it was time spent in present MOS or just time remaining in contract - to which he affirmed the latter multiple times. My 1SG insists it is the prior - this has gone on for nearly a month. 1SG won't sign the paper and I can't submit a DA4187 until he does so.

I'm hoping to transition for better career opportunity (w/o being too detailed in a public forum it seems the Army trained/recruited too many of us so most of us spend month after month on details instead of mission)

Must the SRR be fulfilled prior to voluntary reclass (as per 1SG) or can I just extend my contract (as per career counselor)?

The only people I know who have successfully left 35P have done so by volunteering for special forces. They never had any issue with SRR - are all packet MOSs like this (e.g. 35L, 37f, 38b)?.

Any other advice for going from 35P to 35Q (or possibly 35L)?

Thanks for your time and help,
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Time on station is now 36 months...but DEROS will take precedence. You have to check your contract, there should tell you what is your obligation...and since when 1SG is the Approval Authority for re-class?!?! Get your CDR to sign the paperwork and don't worry about what 1SG is saying.

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