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Hello battles. I am a SPC interested in reclassing to 25B. Im very interested in computers and programing. Im currently a 94F. I'm a hard worker when there is work and when im done im not above shaming till work comes up again. I wanted to ask about the feel of working as a 25B. How working in s6 is like, and do you even get to use your programming skills. Thank you and go ordnance!
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As a Signal Warrant, you do not know where you may end up after becoming a 25B.

You may go to an RCC or COMSEC vault. Not necessarily to a BN/BDE S6 shop.

You may go to a SASMO.

There is really no programming skills that is taught now and days. You learn how to understand how a computer functions, what is inside of it and how to troubleshoot it; as well as the Army applications that run on it; as well as switches and routers. Also, you learn cabling.
so i understand the interest in 25B, but you left out some important info...

Are you Active Army?
National guard?

this matters because if you are national guard, you will most likely be sent to a reclass school, and the schools are offered in alot of places. Arkansas, Reno, Sacramento, and numerous other places besides Ft Gordon.

helpful information:
1. you must have, or be able to get a Secret clearance at minimum.

2. information you will need to learn, basic computer operations, troubleshooting hardware and software, as well as network connectivity.

3. study now for your A+, Security +, and CNA. im not saying go out and pass and get certified, but atleast study it as you will take exams during reclass that if you fail any of those exams 2 times, your sent home. Sec + and CNA (INCD phase 1 and 2) send the most people home. also would be a good time to learn how to use packet tracer. dont think you can just go and do exam crams/brain dumps as there are pratical exams as well.

as a 25B, you do no programing, none.

you can be assigned numerous duties
Helpdesk, Network OPs, Network Management, Enterprise services, Comsec, and the list goes on.

If you are interested in a civilian career in the computer field, this is a great opportunity to get in it without having to spend your own money.

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