Reclass to 35L and get 1st assignment in a Ranger battalion.

Correct me if I'm wrong Mr. C, but I doubt regiment would really want a brand new 35L with ZERO experience either. Wouldn't branch want you to go somewhere first, learn the job a bit, before suddenly you are the only or one of the only 35L in a special ops group?
If your an NCO, 75th wants you to have an annual NCOER in your current MOS before they will allow you to attend RASP or RASP II. Which is understandable, who would want an unexperienced guy in a crucial slot.

Unless this changed in the past year, or if it just applies to combat arms because that's what happened with my trying to go to 75th directly after reclassing.
They aren't going to take a L with no experience.

Even if you pass RASP, at the end of you have a board and you are grilled pretty hard about your previous experience and your motivating factors. They can still choose not to select you.
From what I've seen, units like 160th and 75th tend to say they want their Soldiers to have lots of experience, piss excellence, etc. and since they have assessment and selection processes they can be as choosy as they like.
On the other hand, a lot of Soldiers are turned off of the idea of a grueling selection process. So there might not exactly be a dearth of volunteers.
At the end of the day, 75th RR has four billets for 35Ls that need to be filled, and its not like they can just tell HRC to give them someone, since it is strictly a volunteer unit.
Nobody deliberately wants inexperienced Soldiers, but they have to get experience Somewhere and it's not like your fresh from the schoolhouse CI Agent is totally green, he/she should is should already be a highly motivated, seasoned NCO/Senior Specialist before they even attend CISAC. Ive met Agents fresh from the schoolhouse who performed just as ably as those that have been in the MOS for several years but are dirtbags nonetheless.
I know this thread is old, but its pretty dumb for everyone to say that regiment won't take new people for X mos. Most people within Regiment started there, meaning they started with ZERO EXPERIENCE. It boils down to whether you have the traits they're looking for, particularly with 35 series dudes in this case.

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