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I am going to 68V school in Dec and was hoping to get some heeads up. How is the school, I know that it is 9 months long but other then that and whats on Fort Sams website I do not know much. Also how is the MOS after school wht is a normal day, deployment, unit like.
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Be a SGT NON-Promotable or below. I had to give up (P) status to get it, which was a bitch. Seriously, it took about a month and a half for the paperwork to go through. Have Chemistry, Algebra, and English with at least a C or higher. Wait, and Wait, and wait some more until training becomes available, only about 1 or 2 classes a year. Keep your Career Counselor in the loop, and keep good rapport with them. 51C is an awesome MOS to consider as well.
Hi SGT Moslak,
My name is Mr. Oscar Lopez and I'm an instructor at the Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program (previously known as the 68V Course). I'm glad to know that you're coming to our program in Jan '12. I don't know if you're aware of all the changes that have occurred recently. Do you have your college English I (Composition) and Humanities classes? They are prerequisites for this program. You will be taking 3 college courses as soon as you arrive and they will be taught by faculty from Thomas Edison State College. This, along with our RT classes, will result in you receiving an associates in applied science degree when you graduate. Pretty neat, huh? We will also pay for your national credentialling exam before you leave Ft Sam. All we ask in return is that you apply yourself, study hard, and pass all our exams.

As for your original question, we have students residing in housing. As long as housing is available, you can sign up fo post housing. The best thing to do is to contact them. The website has all the information you need. It's
Their phone number is (210) 270-7638.
If you think of anything else, just ask.
@SGT Moslak, I reclassed to 68K in 2009 and Ft. Sam housing gave me hell and wouldn't even put me on the list. They ended up referring me off-post. I wound up in the ghetto (2929 Rigsby Ave) and my family didn't feel safe. Don't do what I did. If they don't want to put you on the list, speak with someone in charge and insist that they house you.

My orders, of course, said Dependents: YES. now my question is this...what if my hubby doesn't get back from deployment til mid January and I would like to keep my daughter with him so I have time to study and actually invest my time in this? I wouldn't mind living in the barracks BUT BAH is important when it comes to bills and stuff so it is a must. I would rather live in the barracks since it is right there. I will get the BAH no matter what due to me being the higher ranking member which I have called the finance down there to verify with them. They even admited my situation is very unique. I think they said it is up to my command on whether or not they will let me stay in the barracks while getting BAH. I would just rather take my time in finding a nice community for my family when/if he PSCs down here. I don't want just 10 days to find one. I'm extremely picky. Any good places right off post? Also does anyone know of any good Catholic schools nearby my daughter can attend?

There has been a change in the educational pre-requisites for the Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program (68V). Thomas Edison State College will now accept a general education course in lieu of the Humanities course.

Examples are:

Foreign Language
Radio & Television
Theater Arts
Writing (advanced)

Social Sciences
Cultural Geography
Labor Studies
Political Science

Natural Science / Mathematics
Computer Sciences* * not to include Data Processing or Computer Literacy
Environmental Science
Physical Geology

English Comp I with a "C" or better from a regionally accredited college is still required.

Any questions, please ask.

Oscar Lopez-Martinez MAEd, RRT, CPFT
Director of Clinical Education
Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program
Medical Education & Training Campus
Fort Sam Houston, TX
Office: (210) 808-3781
Fax: (210) 808-3771
Mr. Lopez,

I need some advice. I would like to Re class to 68V. I am currently a 68W serving in Korea. My DEROS is JUN 2015. My ETS is OCT 2015. I am command sponsored and have been in Korea since Jun 0f 2013. I have 112 college credits. I am a CPL (P) with 4 yrs in service. I have been promotable for 16 months. I have read that because I have been promotable for over a year in the same MOS I can use the STAR program to change to 68V. Jun of 14 will be one year in my unit, and I will have served 1 of my 2 years of command sponsorship. Can I apply for the school now and secure a slot for a class in the future? If so how long out and what is the process? I lost this MOS before when it fell off the star MOS because my retention NCO did not complete my packet and I ended up re enlisting as a 68W and coming to Korea, to only see it come back on after a couple months. I do not want to miss this opportunity again. Is there any way I can get a class seat, fulfill my time here, and PCS straight to the schoolhouse?
I just reclassed to 68v. I will be attending the school in May. I'm an E-5 and was wondering if as a permanent party student, can I live off-post with my family? My orders have my family listed on my orders. Just wanted to make sure because I've been getting some questionable info and I've had issues contacting housing and the school.
Congratulations on getting a seat in the program. Yes, you can live off-post (or on-post if you want to and housing is available). I recommend that you ask to become a member of our Facebook page which was set up to support and inform past, present, and future students. You can ask all the questions you have on that forum and you'll get answers from students who have gone through or are going through the same issues as you. Go to the search bar and type in Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program.

See you soon.
Oscar Lopez-Martinez, MAEd, RRT, CPFT
Director of Clinical Education
Interservice Respiratory Therapy Program Medical Education & Training Campus
Fort Sam Houston, TX
Office: (210) 808-3781
Fax: (210) 808-3771
I'm open to re-class in October and as of now 68V is still on the STAR list, I'm hoping it stays there. I would really like to make a change while my MOS is balanced. My retention NCO says that it is entirely possible right now and if conditions stay the same I will be able to re-up 1 October. Anyone know how back-logged the school is right now?

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