hi guys i am a 92R(parachute rigger) i have a p2 profile my profile doesnt have any limitations on it the only thing i cant do is any airborne operations. With that being said if i am not able to jump than i am no longer eligible to do my job. So my question is since i cant jump for medical reasons will i be able to reclass or will i have to get seperated from the army? Im an NCO all of my NCOERs are either a 1 1 or 1 2 my pt is the best in the unit so is there any reason why i wouldnt be able to?
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Short answer....YES.

You should see your Badge wearing Career Counselor.....NOT unit retention, and they will show you your EXACT options, bast on a number of variables such as TIS, TOS, and about 15 others.

It is kind of a blessing in disguise. What you may not realize is that the grass IS greener on the other side (of the 92 series).

Pride aside, most 92 series MOSes are CAT-IV positions, which means that they are usually slotted for Soldiers who barely pass the ASVAB. I KNOW there are exceptions. If your line scores (not just GT, in fact RARELY GT) are strong then that will keep options open for you.

I understand the pride of being Airborne, but there is pride in any area you do well to the best of your ability. Keep an open mind, and if your score needs improving, take the FAST class through your education center.

Also, don't let this be your last post, keep the forum posted as to how this ends up for you to enlighten other Soldiers of the possibilities they can look forward to.
Ok so I just found out, my company co nor the battalion co can stop my request for reclassification! Since I have a p2 profile and not a p3 or p4 I will not have to go through a MAR2 process(medical) and this process is usually what determines if you stay in the army! Since my profiles only limitations are I cannot do any airborne operations I qualify for every mos in the army that are accepting e-5 non p. just stil having my top secret Clarence opens a variety of options! I will keep this post open until my process is finished

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