Reclassing/PCSing help??? Orders???

Im currently reclassing and my ait school is september 20, 2013 to november 22 2013. I am on orders to germany with a report date of december 10 2013. I have done all the paperwork for efmp and overseas screening, passport,etc. I have not got official orders yet on how im reporting to school and if im going tdy en route or return. i am married with dependents. Will my orders say anything about my ait? If so when should i be getting my orders? I wanted to take 21 days of leave before i reported to ait also. Or will i have to take leave after ait? When will i be able to move any of my household goods and vehicle? Any information would be helpful on moving, pcsing, getting my orders,etc. I would really appreciate any information would help thank you.
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I have a Soldier that is reclassing and PCSing after she returns.

I did not go to school when I had orders to Germany but usually after you get your EFMP, passports, etc; you should get a call from personnel/e-mail stating that your orders have been cut.

I would suggest that you can a Power of Attorney (not a general POA) for your spouse so she can make arrangements on your behalf (just in case).

Also, usually a DA31 needs to be submitted before your official orders are cut.

You are allowed to take one vehicle overseas and you have to drive it to a civilian transport location (e.g St Louis, Atlanta). Keep engaging your leadership.

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