Reclassing to 25B2, what is the progresion like from E-5 to E-6?

Hello everyone! I am excited to re-class to 25B2P! I started out as an 11B switched to 92A got my degree (4 year) IT Management, so I am so excited to work within the field I hold my degree.
What are your experiences with promotions from E-5 to E-6? I sure hope that career progression is better than 92A.
After graduation from Gordon I have pin-point assignment to:
Unit: 0043 SC HHD ( Campbell Barracks)HHD
Country: GM

Your knowledge is greatly appreciated!
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it mostly depends on the units umr,promotion list and the unit them self! if the umr has alot of empty slots in that mos the chance of getting promotied with in the reg is good. if the promotion list is packed with people on the promo list then they dont do much promoting in the unit and your stuck!
Just a little piece of information:

The Signal Corp's is doomed by mismanagement of personnel. Meaning we have 25L's running TCF's, 25P's doing orderly room work, 25B's working SATCOM and TCF's and the list can go on.

You can never really tell whats going on by the posture sheet. For example:

November 25P's were at 104.1% strength - Promote 0

December 25P's were at 104.1% strengh - Promote 2

E-5 to E-6 right now is pretty easy for 25B's and they have been picking up a lot because most people take their skills out of the Army. I work hard under the new system to get my points up to 650.

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