recommending myself for an article 15

So, I'm contemplating violating an order, because after much thinking I believe that the action is worth the consequences. That being said, I'm also working on counseling myself and writing up the recommendation for the Article 15 for violation of Article 92 of the UCMJ. I've done a lot of counseling statements, but I've never done one recommending an Article 15. Could someone point me towards a good sample one?
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My leadership's a little iffy. I've been writing my own counselings for the last six months.

It's a no contact order, given by one commander, at the request of another commander who I have not had any contact with in over 6 months but feels that I'm harassing her, preventing me from speaking with a 1SG, who did not request it, is not claiming harassment, and told me to stay in contact with him. When I was given the no contact order, the justification block was left blank, and I was told that it was for my protection because the requesting Commander was obviously hostile towards me. I said that I wouldn't challenge the no contact order if they would arrange a one-time supervised phone call with the 1SG, which they agreed to, but it's been over 2 months and they have been unable to arrange the phone call simply because the Commander who requested that they issue the no contact order is refusing to respond to phone calls/emails by my command requesting the phone call. Unfortunately, because I gave them the chance to handle it instead of challenging it, the timeframe within which I would have needed to challenge it has passed.

I need to speak to this individual. I've exhausted every attempt to do so without violating the order, but I'm willing to accept the consequences.
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If your 1SG is not willing to contact that 1SG himself (you know talking 1SG to 1SG) about the issue, it must not be that important...

It really is that important. Unfortunately, it is only important to has no effect on them, so they don't want to deal with it.
WOW!!! Don't forget to include recommending yourself for separation. Since you are taking it upon yourself to try and recommend yourself for Art 15 might as well go all out. Hope whatever you want or think you want from this 1SG is worth it. I can only think of two things that are worth an article 15 and even then I would have to think long and hard about the course of action I took.

Seriously I think you are demented in thinking this is a good idea. (witty joke about _________ redacted for sensitivity purposes)
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1, Higher commander's open door policy?

Inform your chain of command that you are going to use the BN CDR's open door policy.

Don't lose your head and do something that will negatively effect you for the rest of your career.

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