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Situation: A SPC in my section, who I am not directly in charge of, just got off profile 7 May for fractured rib. The other SSG is giving him 2 months until giving a record which is per FM 21-20. Okay - but he wants him to take a diagnostic every week until that date. Now I can see during recovery maybe every other week giving a diagnostic to see where someone is but every week seems counterproductive and other NCOs I've talked to agree. Plus the SPC currently has an issue where his car is in the shop so he runs to work which is about 3.8 miles. So the SSG tells him he has a diag Fri and doens't even ask him if he needs a ride to the PT test, knowing full well he has no car. When the SPC then asked him could it be every other week he said no.

I feel like he could have it wait a week until the soldier gets a car or at least offered him a ride. He offered to give him a ride to the gym to shower after but the gym is across the street from the track, unless he meant one that is a few blocks from our work building. But still makes no sense so another SGT who lives nearby him said she'd give him a ride before I could offer and she said she'd stay until he was done and give him a ride back.

But yes I have issues with this guy but it's his lack of leadership in these situations that irritates me. I've advised the SPC to talk to his other supervisor and if he feels he needs to go to the NCOIC of the section. I've approached this SSG in the past on another issue with one of the NCOs and her PT tests and he just blew me off. He only cares about himself except when someone's looking. Everyone else here has worked with him for a few years said that's how he is but one person said because he's "such a hard worker" they look away. I feel that's the wrong answer. Plus he's on the SFC list now so it's only going to get worse until he leaves.

I just hate when soldiers have to suffer. I didn't get along with my old soldier but I made sure he was taken care of. I know he hated me and thought I was a bitch because I was hard on him but he was so disrespectful. Regardless if he needed a ride somewhere or help with anything I would take time out before or after or even during work to help him out.

So the question is should he give a diagnostic weekly during a recovery period? Has anyone done this and was it beneficial? He's working out on his own but I feel like that every other week would be better and the biggest irritation is he expected him to walk 3.8 miles to work and then take the PT test - and never offered to give him a ride to or from and also did not take into consideration other factors.

I really do want honest opinions, regardless of what others have said to me on different posts on here, but I'll put up front. I have huge issues with this guy but I didn't know anything about it until the SPC came to ME angry and concerned about it. Since I'm not in his direct NCO Support Channel or Chain of Command, I'm advising him to go through that and if he wants my help to talk to someone okay. I've just never heard of anyone on recovery doing that many PT tests, even diagnostics. I feel that it is counterproductive and doesn't assess anything.
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First off, what was his initial profile for? What couldn't he complete during the PT session. That should tell you what you can and can't do. Yes it is a recovery period, but in my mind as a medic, you recovery period should be at the crawl/walk/run mentality. I'm pretty sure with a fractured rib, that his profile was no sit-ups or upper body workout. (that's what I would have given). So if he has a 30 day profile, he would get 60 days recovery. So with the crawl/walk/run mentality, he/she should be moving up ever 20 days, give or take. But this is all my opinion and from a medic's point of view. We're not here to re-injure the soldier, we want them to get better.
Exactly manosax - yes it was no situps, no upper body. All he could do was walk, bike for the first profile. Then a week after that one his rib still bothered him so he got another one and it was a profile to where he couldn't really do anything and couldn't even stand for more than 15 min or something. But like 2 weeks after his profile ended this NCO started the diagnostics. The week after his profile he had family emergency so was on leave and then that next week bam, that NCO started the diagnostics I guess - I think I was on leave when that started. But he talked to his other supervisor, who's going to talk to the NCOIC. I just wanted to know what anyone else thought about diagnostics right away after a profile ended. Technically, FM 21-20 does say that on recovery from temporary profile, the recovery is twice the time of the profile to train for the APFT - it doesn't specify diag or record but in my experience diag is given just not record. I could see every other week.

I wish we were in a normal Army unit and not at joint staff so we could have a medic tell him this!! Thanks.
Well that soldier passed his record just barely but he still passed the run. I think what helped him the most is he was riding his bike to work some days but I just didn't like that other NCO giving him a diagnostic a week after his profile ended. He said it was for PT and therefore wasn't an actual PT test (PT test as the PT exercises). It was pretty iffy but I let it slide. I had already sent the other NCO the info from 21-20 but he didn't care.
I have a question because I kind have the same issue with one of my soldiers. He has a profile and the Doctor put. "Soldier should start on Phase III or IV". He's been on profile for a right knee issue but the Doctor let him running at his own pace. So, What does it mean that phase III or IV?, also does the soldier needs to wait that time after the profile expire acording to FM-21-20? because the Doctor just mark on the check box that states APFT walk as an alternate APFT event. I need clarification, I will appreciate.

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