Recruiter School Details to help you prepare.

I noticed there wasn't any current info regarding Recruiter School so I am going to be posting about my time at the world famous US Army Recruiter School. I will try to update this daily, but please don't hold me to it. I will do the best I can. Also, this is to help you prepare for what to expect while attending the course and in no way will I post any answers to tests, so please don't ask.

Day 0 - In-processing day.

I arrived at the hotel around 13:00. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the hotel was. Yes, you do have to have a room mate and there is no way around it. The amenities are nice. It has the basics such as wifi, cable,and all that jazz. Parking is kinda cramped but it beats staying in some crappy barracks. Reporting time was 16:30 in the IPFU for height/weight and for those of you who are a little heavy, they tape you right then also. You fill out a DA Form 705 (PT Card) and a few other documents. They go over what you can and can't do. The instructors go over how the first three weeks will go. They seem knowledgeable and fair and seem to want to treat us like adults. They also asked for volunteers to be student leadership and divided the class into squads. They told us to start looking at AR 601-210 to prepare for the test of Friday. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!) All in all a very easy low stress day. We were released for the day around 19:30 and told to return tomorrow for the tattoo inspection and a fun filled day of briefings. Oh and PT is only M-W-F, and the PT Test is on Wednesday of the first week.
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Day 1: Continue in-processing.

Today we reported at 07:00 in PTs. We completed some online questionnaires regarding our personal, deployment, mental and various Army related topics. We were inspected for tattoos and to make sure we were within current regulations. Also, the students who had not already received their Battalion orders were able to choose their top preferences for duty assignment. They told us we would know on Monday morning our definite Recruiting Battalion. We also got started on Blackboard as this is where the majority of the instruction and tests come from. We uploaded some in-processing documents to Blackboard as well. These were accident avoidance, Recruiter Development Program Phase I, 15 passenger van safety and some Microsoft Office Certificates to our files. I would highly suggest doing these before you come as it will save you some time. I did not do this and had to complete them on breaks and such. Make sure that your accident avoidance is no more than a year out from your report date. The rest of the day was briefings and we were released for the day about 16:30. Tomorrow is the PT test and we have to be up extremely early which kinda sucks, but oh well I guess. Just got to do it.
Day 2: PT Test and more briefings

We had to report at 0450 for the PT test this morning. We formed up in the theatre parking lot and marched over to the field. Push-ups and sit-ups were pretty straight forward and the graders were more than fair with their counting. The run wasn't too bad either except for the fact it is on a slight incline on one side and you have to do 3.5 laps. I think only two people out of 65 failed this test. After the test we were released to clean up and change into ACUs and told to report to class at 0900. We continued to work on uploading the various documents and the Microsoft Office skill port classes. We also did the TAIS test. This test is like a personality test that tells you what you strengths and weakness' are. After that, we received a SHARP briefing, Army Learning briefing and a finance briefing. The finance briefing was LONGGGGG. But there was some useful information put out. We also completed a 10 question PE (they call it a read-ahead assignment). It is open book and it is done through blackboard. You only get once chance so make sure you do your best. It covers the classes for tomorrow. There is no PT tomorrow and we were told to report at 0900.

NOTE: We did lose two Soldiers this morning for failing tape. It appears they are really strict with this, so I would advise not coming here if you are borderline.
Day 3: Finally started learning about being a Recruiter.

We reported at 0900 to start our day. We started off with classes covering some Recruiting Regs such as Recruiter Center Ops, ESP, and Recruiter Improprieties. We also received a briefing on what our Army Story should consist of and how to write it. It is due Monday. Completed the day 4 read ahead assignment which covers tomorrows topics. Continued to complete and upload in-processing documents as well. Pretty easy day overall and we were released at 1630 for the day.
Day 4: Continued to learn about the recruiting regulations.

We reported to the theatre parking lot at 0530 this morning for accountability before PT. Once everyone was there, we had to march over to where the PT field is. It is a short little distance, but you have to call cadence and all that good stuff. They told us that we had to march everywhere and that we had to sing cadence as well. We did a little Division run, which was super slow. They are big on the cadence thing so start practicing now. Once PT was over we were told to be in the classroom at 0850.

We continued to receive classes on the various regulations covering recruiting. The instructors are very knowledgeable and they are pretty good at keeping you entertained. These classes aren't the typical death by Powerpoint we are all so used to. It is a new type of learning environment that utilizes class participation to teach the material. If the class is actively involved, the classes go pretty quick and are somewhat entertaining. We also received some information on how to make our "evidence book." These are books about us, that have pictures and what not from your Army career. We finished the day around 1630 and were released for the weekend. We had a few little homework assignments to do over the weekend, nothing major. This week was pretty easy over all, and I am looking forward to getting next week out of the way. Next week we have the big two tests that a lot of people seem to fail so Im a little anxious to get those over with.

NOTE: Don't go to the five points area in Columbia alone, start a fight, and then end up in the hospital and miss formation. This happened to a guy today and nobody knew where he was most of the day. Needless to say he is no longer in the class!
Day 5 (7 Total): Continued classes on USAREC Manuals and Regulations, assignment orders, Quiz 1

Showed up this morning at 0530 for PT. Today was an ability group run. The run was very easy and we didn't even go three miles. Turned in our Army Story and our Determine Enlistment Eligibility Familiarization Packet. We also received some more classes on USAREC regulations and recruiter responsibilities. Completed the Day 5 read ahead assignment as well.

We also received our definite Battalion orders today. Some people were happy, some were not. I already knew where I was going so I wasn't shocked. AGR recruiters did not receive their orders today and were told they wouldn't know when they would get them. There is no trading of assignments or anything like that.

After lunch we continued with the classes until about 1500, then we took our first quiz. This isn't an "exam," but it is graded and they encourage you to get at least an 80 percent. It is open book, but it is kinda tricky. Make sure you take notes during class about what topics are covered in which manuals and regulations. Tomorrow we start the infamous 601-210 Enlistment Eligibility Regulation classes.
Day 6 (8 total): AR 601-210

We showed up today at 0750 at the school house for formation and accountability. We finally started the much dreaded AR 601-210. We spent the whole day going over chapters 2-5 and doing a few example questions. Highly recommend that you pre read these chapters before you come to the school. It will help you out quite a bit. It was a long boring day, but you have to try and stay focused and retain some of the information. The instructor is like a robot and just spits this stuff out like second nature. After a full day we were finally released about 1800. PT in the morning. FUN!
Day 7 (9 total): Continue AR 601-210, Pre-test

Showed up for PT this morning at 0530. Nothing spectacular here with the PT. Typical PRT stuff. Started class at 0900 today with some practice scenarios regarding enlistment eligibility and waivers. We did these until lunch. These practice scenarios helped a lot and it seemed like the majority of the class was catching on. After lunch we went over some other things such as age, physical, dependents etc. At 1500 we took the practice test for tomorrows test. This test is 20 questions and you get one hour to complete it. Also, this practice test is scored and does count towards your overall GPA. There is no requirement to pass the test but obviously you will want to try your best. I got a 96% on the test which is pretty good. Some people in the class didn't do so well. Tomorrows test is also 20 questions but you get two hours to complete it. So hopefully I will do okay this.
Day 8 (10 total): AR 601-210 test

We arrived today at 0630 for formation then headed to the classroom to take the AR 601-210 exam. The exam was 20 questions and we had 120 minutes to complete it. Overall the test wasn't that bad. At least for me. We did have around 20 people out of 63 fail it. You do have to get at least an 80 percent on the test to be a "go." I was one of the lucky ones that passed first time. After the test, we received some briefings concerning the TAIS survey we took last week and some more do's and don'ts of recruiting from a retired CSM. These took up the remainder of the day and were somewhat interesting, but it did make for a long day. At 1700 they went over the test and conducted re-training for those that failed the test. The re-test is in the morning. Everyone else has PT in the morning.
Day 9 (11 Total): AR 601-210 Re - test, face to face prospecting.

Today was the re-test for the people who failed the AR 601-210 test. They had to be there at 0545 and the rest of us had to conduct PT. We had to be at PT a little earlier today because we had to do a really really big division run. It was quite ridiculous. Then we formed up in this field and had to get a brief from someone, but no one could hear who or what they were saying because the formation was so big. It was pretty pointless.

We started class at 0900 today. I found out that we dropped 3 people from the course today for failing to get at least 80 percent on the AR 601-210 test. We started to cover face to face prospecting and a walk through on how to use Recruiter Zone. That took up the majority of the day. It was a pretty easy day overall and we were released for the weekend at 1600.
Day 10 (14 total): Face to face prospecting, telephone prospecting.

Showed up at the normal time for PT this morning. Conducted some PRT stuff like normal. Nothing to difficult.

Started class at 0900. We switched classrooms again. Every week you will change rooms. We also split the class into two separate room this week. We covered face to face prospecting and telephone prospecting today. We also went over how to put leads into recruiter zone which is the little program you will use while recruiting to track pretty much everything you do. Pretty laid back day overall.
Day 12 (16 total):

Normal PT this morning. We did the same exact thing we've done the last three times. Yep, pretty boring.

Reported to class at 0900 to start going over the Army Interview. Went over the regulation covering it in the morning. After lunch we did some hands on stuff and the instructor gave us some tips. Another easy day today.
Day 13: (17 total):

We went over some simple classes today. Nothing too stressful. In the afternoon we took our second quiz. It wasn't too bad. You don't have to pass it but it does give you a good idea of where you stand for the big test tomorrow. You need to try to get at least an 80 on the test. It is the comprehensive quiz that covers everything we have learned from day 1.
day 14 (18 total):

Went on a little division run again this morning for PT. Fun stuff. Showed up for class at 0900 to go over a few things before we took our Comprehensive test. After lunch we took the test. It wasn't too bad, but it is 40 questions and you get 120 minutes. It just seems like it takes forever. You do have to get at least an 80 on this test to be a "go." If you don't, then you re-test on Monday and if you still don't get a "go" you go home. I believe we had like 7 people fail it today.

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