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I am going to try and make this short: I just PCSd from Fort Polk and now I am on Fort Bragg on a Compassionate Reassignement. I also have 19 1/2yrs and a P3 profile. When I arrived on Fort Bragg on 10 Dec 13, G1 sent me through 4 different units but they all needed a deployable Soldier. Now I am stuck in my unit assisting the S1 NCOIC. I have heard that previous recruiters need to convert in order to be accepeted back into the recruiting arena. I have also heard that E-7 are being accepeted as recruiters since there were a good selected ones released for their own background reasons. I do understand that this would be considered as a 2nd PCS in less then a year, but I was thinking more come october when my CR time is up.

My questions are:
With me on a P3 and Compassionate Reassignment, is there an Exception of Policy for me to go back to recruiting?
If so, can someone please send me an example of what exactly needs to be stated on DA Form 4187?

Any great guidance or help would be very appreciated.
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According to last message that's on the only ppl that can convert to be a recruiter is Ssg and sgt go talk to the reup guy and being that you have 19 years in and on a p3 profile and with the drawn down that's taking place it wouldn't surprise me that you would get qmp even though we are pulling out of the stan there are still rotations going on in Africa and Kuwait.... Hate to say it but you might be asked to take off the uniform I just got done with recruiting duty and it changed to small unit recruiting when I was out there they want people who can get out there and do pt not sit on the phones all the time my advice is go talk to the reup guy and see what is open to you As a Sfc to luck to you

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