Reduction to SPC

I heard while i was in WLC that they are trying to make it that if you get promoted to e5 and dont go withing one year DOR then you can get demoted and have to pay the extra money back. Realize this is what they Army is trying to do, I have seen nothing about it being in effect. This NCO needs to get his butt in gear and go to WLC unless he doesn't want to, then see if there is any way to look at corrective action for that. we had an e5 get demoted for not going to WLC after about 3 years as an e5
I don't know why people refuse to go to WLC. It's too easy. Whether it's the 17 day or 27 day course, it's still easy. I have no idea why people try to dodge WLC like it's a deployment.

I know I'm only a SPC, but that SGT needs to suck it up and go to WLC. It's too easy.
WLC is like basic or AIT, or any other Army school from CLS to ranger school, it's the best school you never want to attend again. I personally don't see the value of WLC other than to check the block, honestly. However if that's what the Army wants that's what the Army gets, and if that SGT doesn't want to go, than the Army will more than likely reduce him in rank or let him go home.
WLC is only a requirement for advancement to E6. In theory, a command can authorize an administrative reduction if the NCO is not operating at an E5 level, but it's near impossible to justify a reduction solely for not going to WLC. However, refusing to go to an NCOES is definitely grounds for imposing a bar to reenlistment.
Reference AR 600-8-19 Par. 1-27 (2)

Soldiers who fail to successfully complete, fail to remain eligible to be scheduled for or attend, who are denied
enrollment in, or who do not attend their scheduled Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) class
(through fault of the Soldier) will be administratively reduced or removed from the promotion list. The effective date
of administrative reduction is the date of the action that caused the Soldier to be ineligible to retain the promotion. The
DOR will be the previous DOR held at the reduced grade.

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