reenlist/reclass 11b to combat medic?

my army career is very difficult to understand. so im gonna do this as easy as possible.

I enlisted in 2010 as 11b, finished osut and volunteered for airborne and 75th selection.
did well throughout whole training (high pt scores) but didnt want to do 75th for some reason so i just ended up as "the army's needs" which just so happened to be at fort polk louisiana - 4th brigade 10th mtn. who was deploying in less than 2 weeks to afghanyland....was there for 11 months then went back with rear D. i was discharged but im not gonna say why. but my discharge is general under honorable and re2.

i would like to actually attempt rasp and be a medic with the 75th
if i cant get that maybe ranger school or just go 18xray?
im taking civilian EMT classes as well or college units to help....
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