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My husband is wanting to go to Drill Sargent School. His reenlistment is here and we were wondering if it would be better for him to reenlist for DS or wait till we get to our next duty station and then put his packet in? We are currently in Germany and our DEORS is not until July of 09. Any suggestions would be great.

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Have him call DS Branch at HRC and tell them he wants to go DS. They can tell him from there what to do and what not. Once he does that I am sure I will see him walking around post when he shows for the school. Smiler If/when he gets a school date hit me up and I will give a little advice or help with what to do when he firsts gets here. Warning though he might be in the new barracks when he gets here so lay outs might be back in but if he hurries he might miss those. Right now it is hotel rooms on post that are shared with another person.
They are in the middle of redoing the school I guess. I am stationed here on Jackson now and I remember seeing a nice new building with DS School on it as well as Recruiter school I think. I have seen it just don't really remember where abouts, I almost want to say it will be by where the BCT graduations take place. Ahh well. How is the baby Trans, are you here for Recruiter School yet?
I have a few questions about Drill Sgt orders and a AEA code of L. My Husband is an E-6 11B and would like to do Drill Sgt. HE was going to reenlist, however his ETS date is 2012 10 08 so he is not in his window. If I am understanding everything correctly he can still request to be a Drill Sgt outside his window! Please correct me if I am wrong! However this is where we are having a problem because his ERB's AEA is an L and I believe that means he is not fenced in? if I am wrong please correct me on this as well? He Reenlisted the 1st time to move to Ft Hood from the 82nd Airborne at Ft Bragg and we have been here going on 25 months now. He will Be in the Army For 5 yrs in April and has a deployment to Afgan and Iraq under his belt and has never been in any kind of trouble and is now just waiting on time to pass to be looked at for his 7. At this time they do not have any deployment orders just your usual rumor of deployments because they are going to NTC in March. Which is what brings me to my problem when He did the ASK on his AKO it says he is fenced in, but I thought an L on the ERB means he could leave? Please, If anybody can help us figure this out I would very much appreciate it.


If your husband is fenced (if ASK says he is fenced...he is fenced) the only way to get out of that is a reenlistment. He can volunteer for Drill in ASK, but that just lets his branch manager know that he is interested. If he is serious about it, he needs to go ahead and fill out a volunteer packet requesting the assignment. It should consist of the packet found under the Drill Sergeant School page at Have him complete that, have his mental evaluation done, and a weapons qualification sheet and take it to reassignments. They should be able to submit it directly to HRC. I highly doubt that he will get picked up for it if he is fenced. If a unit is fenced, it is there for a reason such as their manning is below a certain percentage (not sure of the exact amount) and the unit can not afford to lose him. I went through the same thing a few years ago which is why I have spent five years at Fort Drum.
Thank you SSG Chaney

Yes he already did a packet and he turned it in atleast 6 months ago, but never heard anything back and couldnt do the evaluation until I believe it was signed off on by the commander is what the s1 shop said. And unless the reenlistment window moves down 8 more days he can not do that. But i know he gets a new comander on the 10th so he is going to try to submit another packet and see if it actually goes any where this time. Thanks again for the advice
I myself was wondring about the same thing.. my husband got picked up for ds and werort late june.. how does this work, do the family go fist o all at the same time.Andbecause he had to reenlist for oher yr and half for it, will there be any bousnes for us.. thanks in advance

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