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I just wanted to get some advice or some feedback on what I should expect to happen due to my injury. I am an active duty 11b 3 years TIS. All comments are welcome. Thank you in advance.

In Feb. of this year I completely dislocated my knee ( not just a patella dislocation). I tore my ACL, LCL and tore my hamstring and calf tendon as well. On top of that I fractured my fibula.

Needless to say, my knee/ leg was "F'd" up. I had 3 surgeries in 5 months, have a 4 in screw in my leg and 2 smaller screws and washers as well. I have been in physical therapy for 6 months and there is no end in sight for that. I obviously have a temp. profile with a 3 in the leg section.

I guess I just want to know if I should expect to be reclassed or what? I haven't been to airborne school yet, but was 2 wks from going to Ranger School before injury occurred. Am I even eligible for those schools anymore? My doc doesn't know if I'll be able to ruck with any significant weight again. But at the same time, I don't have a concrete recovery timeline he says 12-24 months typically for this severe of a knee injury. I know you can only have a temporary profile for 12 months before you have a permanent profile. So does that mean I would be referred to an MEB and then MMRB or what?

Again, any comments/ suggestions/ feedback are welcome.

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