On my ERB, it shows that my regimental affilation is CORPEN.

Currently my PMOS is 13W (Field Artillery)
but I am currently assign to a military intelligence battalion while attending training to become a 35P.

Can anyone tell me what should my regimental affiliation be so that I can wear the appropriate RUI on my uniform? My battalion S-1 has no clue.
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Originally posted by SGT Lulu:
So you are reclassing to a 35P? I don't believe you'll wear your Class A's in AIT except for maybe an inspection or graduation. At the graduation you will wear the MI RDI, so you might as well buy one of those.

Thank you SGT Lulu for responding. I am currently not in AIT yet. But I am in school at DLI. And I was preparing my uniform for a DA Photo for the upcoming E-7 Promotion board. Also, here we wear our class A's once a month.

I go to AIT after passing the language course.
Originally posted by Godsmack:
You pass AIT THEN it changes.

Now that I think about it, among all the paperwork I got when I graduated AIT (many moons ago,) there was ORDERS for the Signal Regiment...

He'd need to get some sort of documentation for any regiment change. An approved 4187 or Orders..
This is from AR 600-82, Chapter 3: "b. Combat arms soldiers may affiliate with any of the combat arms regiments consistent with their primary military occupational specialty (PMOS), specialty code, special qualification identifiers (SQI), or additional skill identifiers (ASI).

So my suggestion would be to find a FA regiment that you want to affiliate with, and submit a 4187 requestion affiliation with that regiment. Then, upon completion of the 35P course, switch your affiliation to the MI Corps (if it is not done automatically by the PAC at the schoolhouse).

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