Regulations regarding personal items/tools overseas

shot backround. my sister is marrying a infantryman, and i want to get him a wedding present to take with him overseas. i was wondering the regulations allow a regular Amry solder to bring a Tactical Tomahawk with him
this is what i am talking about

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I didn't have any problems getting the tomahawk I was issued back through customs. You could get just about anything into Afghanistan, getting it back out is the issue.

But like I said, I was issued a tomahawk and had no issues getting it back.

However, the only time I ever used the thing was when I was bored. We made a target out of plywood and would practice throwing them. I never had any practical use for it, and I doubt your soon to be brother-in-law would either.

They're cool and everything, just giving you a heads up it's not that practical to have.

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