My husband earned his Audie Murphy in 1999, sadly due to a move over seas a few years ago it has been lost. I have his serial number, rank, orders, name, etc. Everything needed to verify, he is about to retire and I would like to put together a memory box with all of his triumps and that surely has a place. I live in North Carolina and we have the Morales Award (not the same). I have looked everywhere and tried every company and no one will help me. Does anyone have any suggestions??

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Because you didn’t mention if your husdand was inducted as a TRADOC member or as a FORSCOM member, I’m including contact info for both.

According to FORSCOM Regulation 600-80, the following info will assist you:
Chap 3, para h. To obtain certificates and medallions, the president of the final selection boards will forward a copy of the board minutes to:
FORSCOM Leadership Programs
1777 Hardee Avenue SW
Fort McPherson, GA 30330-1062

According to TRADOC Regulation 600-14, this info will assist you:
Chap 3, para 1. TRADOC Adjutant General (AG). The TRADOC AG will exercise overall program administration at MACOM level. Subordinate commands will have procedures in place to administer the program at local level within the appropriate CSM office and will request SAMC awards from:
Fort Monroe, VA 23651-1048

You mentioned you had his name. rank, social security number and orders. Good. It will help if you include copies of his membership card, the ARCOM he received, any NCOERs that mention his induction, any other awards or recognition he might still have pertaining to the SAMC. Be prepared to pay for a replacement medal and neck ribbon.

I just recently joined this forum, so my info is pretty late. Hopefully you’ve been able to resolve this by now. If not...

Hope this helps.

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