Remarry a soldier after a divorce?

Okay for starters I'm painfully aware that this is wrong. So please refrain from the harsh remarks of our actions. If I wanted that I would simply tell my unit what in up to... I'm simply here for information.
I'm an e-3 divorcing a civilian spouse. Durning that time frame I was seeing an e-4. We were in the same unit... But he pcs'd. So as we were dating some NCOs caught wind of it but never actual took actions... Just a verbal warning on "perception" well talking to my fiancé we decided that we want to marry after being together for some time now. I'm submitting my divorce papers to my attorney tomorrow. So I hope to be free of my icky spouse by June/July time. Meanwhile my fiancé and I have been looking up info as far as what to do once we say I do. So far we have - the married soldiers program thing, so we both need to do that... But I been wondering a few things that I can't seem to find online.
1- even if I wait some time, is there any punishment actions the unit can take out on us if we marry right after my divorce? ( we want to wait like a month) I saw something under fraternization that says that if there was prior evidence of it before our marriage then it could be an issue,, but again we only received verbal warnings
2- is there a regulation that states how long a SM has to wait until remarrying?
3- even though I'm serving and extended tour of 3 yrs due to my husband coming overseas then leaving, if we do the marriage program thing, will I still have to finish that 1 yr I have left before I can be with my fiancé?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!
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