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Hi, this is my first post so I am not sure whats acceptable and whats not so go easy. I am currently in the DEP and went to meps yesterday and signed my contract for 92a. This MOS is not what I wanted at all since I first walked into the recruiting office all I wanted was infantry. So before I bother my recruiter with trying to reno I just had a few questions. First I would just like to say that in no way was I pressured by my recruiter or the guy at meps into picking my MOS, it was either this or truck driver. I do know that I can not post my ship date on here but its a good 5 months away so I have time to Reno and its not a last minute thing. Now that all thats out of the way how does Reno work? If I go to meps to do this and infantry is still is not available do I have to pick one of the very few MOS's that come up or can I some how ask the guy at meps or my recruiter to keep checking everynow and then and if an infantry position pops up if they can reserve it for me and I would be there that day to sign the contract? My asvab score was a 79 and all line scores were above 100 so I dont have a problem qualifying for infantry. I would give more than four years but from what I have read that does not even matter to them. Also this is a long post and I thank whoever is still reading. I understand that i signed the contract and they reserved my position in basic and ait but the more I think about it the more I feel like im going to regret this job and be completely miserable, aslo I did join to serve my country but also I want something that is going to challenge me as a human being and soldier. All of these have been sort of side questions, my main question is what are my chances of getting infantry if I reno, and I do understand that the army is cutting down and that infantry currently has no slots open. I am willing to wait to get infantry because that is truly what I want, I rushed into signing that contract because I was at meps for 12 hours and when the guy was showing me the 2 jobs that were availabe my recruiter showed up and I didnt want all of that to be for nothing or to dissapoint my recruiter. PLEASE ONLY REPLY IF YOU HAVE A LEGITAMENT ANSWER AND KNOW FOR A FACT THANK YOU FOR READING
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You keep saying you would wait for 11X, yet you picked an MOS you do not like...a reno has to be approved, once its approved you go to meps and they look at the system to get you 11X...just keep hounding your recruiter about it b/c if he thinks he can convinve you to ship with this MOS, he will drag this until you have no choice but to ship or run a chance at not joining at all...

I just dontunderstand how someone signs a contract this big just to please a total stranger....
Yeah I know honestly I have no idea how it happened either, one minute im saying infantry infantry infantry and next thing i know im swearing in, so you suggest just to keep bringing it up until he wrights up the form and sends it up the chain of command? And do you by chance know the chances of getting infantry if i do the reno
This is what you need to do....keep telling your recruiter and the Futur soldier manager that you want to try to change to 11X..they should try to reno you. or this may requier them to do a "pull foward" were you will go back to MEPS and get 11X but you will also be leaving within a week or two because slots opened up...but trust me..any recruiter worth a darn will try to get you 11X if they cant...then it is not is just the army and they job is simply not their...the worst thing to do will be not to ship and dep loss..still go and cross your fingers in the futur you can reclass...FYI we have a finace Ranger school..and it was not in his contract..he wanted it..and in basic and AIT proved he was the best and got it.
There was 162 11X slots on the system when I checked last week.

Just reserved an 11X reservation about 20 minutes ago.

Just keep in mind, when you RENO, you will forfiet your bonus (if you got one) and current ship date. But 11X usually ships pretty quick anyhow. And your Future Soldier Manager cannot check Jobs for you unless you decide to forfiet your current MOS. It would suck if you decide to do that and 11X is not on the system.
Just have the Recruiter check the system when they go to check for another applicant.
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You do NOT have to give up your current MOS/options to look in the system, thats a myth, i am guilty of spreading that myth before. A RENO is done at MEPS not at the station and they can check the system without cancelling your current one.

Noted because you are correct, but the FS will forfiet the MOS/Options when he/she signs the RENO.

To look up jobs on the system you cannot use the FS's SSN because he/she already has an MOS. You have to check the system while looking for jobs for another applicant.
USAREC FORM 1035 (Request to change enlistment option) has to be completed in the Center by the FSM and signed by the CC, then sent up. The MEPS GC will check the system for your 11X jobs for availablity when you go there.
Nope, he will give up his mos/options/incentives when he switches jobs at MEPS and yes you have to check FSR2S for snother applicant to see if there are slots but I took a Soldier to MEPS with an approved RENO snd she did not have to give up her mos at all unless she picked another one.

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