Reserve BNCOC phase II requirement after MOS change?

I had completed BNCOC phase I a long time ago as a SSG in a MOS that did not have a phase II, I was told that I met the requirements for BNCOC at that time. several years later I changed my MOS (as SSG) to one that does have a phase II. Now my unit wants to put me in phase II almost 20 years after I did phase I (I had a break in service). So, is phase 2 now a requirement for me?
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When you say phase I are you referring to common core or the phase of the actual MOS? I remember that BNCOC for the Guard had two proponent phases for 42A. Active duty is a different animal.

Remember, NCOES for proponent is imperative for promotion. You need to have the proponent NCOES for you to get promoted. So if I did BNCOC for 42A but now am a 31B then I need to meet the NCOES for that MOS relative to my grade.

To validate my response, engage your S1.
I am refering to common core. For my new MOS there is no phase II in the reserves, they want to put me onto a 6 week active duty school. This is actually a new twist for my unit- they never required it before but now want to. This also brings other questions to mind- I believe that there still is a time limit from when you take the common core and phase II? For me it has been 20 years. I am trying to find if there is a regulation that actually covers what happens when someone changes MOS in respect to NCOES- I met the requirment before I changed MOS and for the last 20 years I was meeting the requirement, and now there is a new requirement. Back 20 years ago I had to complete BNCOC the be able to get promoted to SSG. If they are going to require this now- what happens if I take a position back in my old MOS?
I completed common core in the Guard in 2002 which is just the basic course in which all MOSes need to complete. Then when I went active duty, I had to do the 31B proponent at Fort LeonardWood that was in 2006

The proponent MOS BNCOC now ALC is what you have to do to have BNCOC completed on your ERB.

You need to take it for promotion.

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