Reserve MOS that are open????

I was an E-4 when I got out, the last I heard my recruiter tell me that the reserve recruiter said something about slots for engineers, not sure, I dont hear back from my recruiter often, but I was hoping there was some intelligence slots available. I was alos wondering, when you reclass in reserves, do you go to the same AIT and training as active duty? Thank you so much for responding, its greatly appreciated!
You should join a unit and be slotted into a MOS and then they will have to work with you to schedule your reclass school. Depending on the MOS some are trained with the AIT students, but most are shorter in time, but only offered a few times a year. Talk to a retention NCO and find a unit with openings and a job you want.
I just went to MEPS today in Miami, and there was only 2 jobs available in reserves for E-4 and that was a plumber or mechanic. No MI or 35 series slots open for "will train" he said reserves if full and already met their quota, he said once i get into reserves he could move me around to a MOS i do want. I am just wondering how long it will be til a MI job opens up? years or what?
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I am just wondering how long it will be til a MI job opens up? years or what?

Could be. Until someone ETS (which I don't think they do very often in the Reserves) or someone retires (so that someone else gets promoted which promotes someone else which opens a lower slot.)
Maybe never. AMMED for instance refuses to code 68A as will-train despite the fact that it has been a shortage MOS for years. These direct reporting commands want to pick and choose their personnel, and they can't do that if USAREC, HRC, and RCCC can assign whomever they want through REQUEST.

If you want one of these MOSs (CMF 68 or 35) the most practical way to do it is from within the TPU system. Go be a mechanic or plumber (that's a pretty rare job; I'd jump at it) then request transfer later on.

Most of the subordinate commands are eager to accept qualified applicants for 68A (hard to find someone willing to go to a 10 month school, let alone pass it) or 35L (which is normal career progression for any MOS). Hell, the hospital I used to support was still taking 68Ws when they were almost at 200%. When you are in a TPU, that transfer is limited solely by the gaining commander's signature.
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I'll talk to unit after AT next month.
Was looking at 35P cryto linguist before seperating from active. Took Korean dlpt for 5 years(3/3) while active. Hope I don't have to attend long AIT.

You will most likely just have to attend training in Teaxas as to how to handdle sensitive info, as you are all ready clearly fluent. As long as you can get a TS/SCI, language sounds like the way to go for you.
Daddy Warcrimes,
Sir I noticed you mentioned 88K and 88L as available. Do you happen to know if they are actually involved in shipboard operations, or are they mostly load/unload at sea ports as reservists? This is an occupation I have been seriously considering but have yet decided as to whether I would like to go active or reserve. If reserve , I was hoping to relocate to Florida to finish college but would love to sail army. I am non prior, and it has been difficult finding information on this occupation. The last recruiter I asked had no information besides what is on the GoArmy website, so I have been relying on Google for my research, which found this thread for me.
Thank you for your time.

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