Reservist going active duty question.

I am a Reservist, who used to be Active Duty and now I'm trying to go back to active duty for my secondary mos (35N - I have an active TS/SCI clearance).
I am an E-5.
My questions are these:

1) When I sit down with the MEPS career counselor (after the physical and all the other stuff) will I have a choice of where I want to be stationed, or will it be whatever pops up I get period? (am married now and wife wants to be stateside to finish up her RN degree is the reason I'm asking).

2) I am hoping for a strategic assignment as opposed to tactical (married with kids), so if I do get to choose, or make a 'wish' list, what would be some posts that would be more strategic rather than tactical?

3) What are promotions like as a 35N these days? when I was active duty before promotions were fast.

Thank you in advance for all good answers that hopefully are not just guesses.
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Well, you are getting ahead of your self, first, if your MOS is available on the list for SGT (E5) then you could come back active duty and you "might" get station of choice in your contract (doubt it)...IF your MOS is not on the list, you are not authorized to go active duty as there is no other jobs for you to reclass to as a SGT(e5)....

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