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So currently I am under an investigation and Have been for about 5 months now. I am restricted to post and I am currently being denied leave constantly.

My question is how long is a restriction to post authorized while I am under investigation and not charged with any crime and are they allowed to deny normal leave? They didn't even authorize me emergency leave when my grandmother died. Thanks in advance.
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Originally posted by SPCstuckInAction:
I Planned on doing that on Tuesday, but I also thought about contacting IG as well. I read some AR's online that suggested that 60 days was the max I could be restricted But I ant find clearcut answers...

I'm surprised it has taken you this long to go visit JAG.
Well I have been To JAG and he never did much for me so I hired a civilian attorney that specializes in military Law. I honestly figured I would just toe the line with my counseling to avoid further issues until they started denying my any type of human privilege whatsoever.

If anyone has any knowledge and can point me in the right direction for a regulation that is clear cut with the information I would appreciate it.
So I guess you are no longer in Germany since you said civilian attorney.

Also, I do not know the reasons as to why you are being investigated.

I was in an unit that was on lockdown because of missing NVGs. I went home after a day when they were found but I knew others that were locked down for much longer (due to missing weapon). It came down from the Commander.

Since we do not know the extent of your circumstances, that is why I suggested you consult with JAG. AR 15-6 does not refer anything to about restricting SMs, so obviously this order came down from higher.

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