i have a soldier who deployed with me. He passed his APFT a month before we came back to the states. He served in a very vital role and performed well above his skills and pay grade. I put him in for an ARCOM, but Bn denied it due to his flag for being overweight. He had made significant progress and was a month or two from being off of the program. First it is a sham that the reg states a failed APFT cannot stop an award but failed HT WT can? Rubbish. Regardless I spoke with my S1 on getting his award resubmitted since he was off of the program but they said an End of Tour award cannot be resubmitted. Any thoughts on this?
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End of tour awards are usually submitted mid-tour and if he did not meet the requirements by the suspense date; then you will have to accept that.

But if you feel your Soldier is doing a stellar job, nothing wrong with writing up a letter of commendation or impact award. Also, since he did not receive an EOT award, his PCS (I think you are not active) award can have information pertaining to that.

I will submit an AAM impact award for him going above and beyond currently. Also, if you are so stern about this deployment award, discuss with your chain. S1 should not tell you that you cannot submit, it should follow the proper channels and let the Commander, BN and BDE Commanders recommend approval/disapproval.
I have another inquiry somewhat related to this issue. So the soldier was denied award because of ht wt failure. ht weight and/or pt will also prevent promotions.
We had a soldier, PV2, who went the entire deployment and never made rank. He STILL received an EOT award along with everyone else (except the soldier I asked about a while back). I asked him why he didn't get his PFC and he said it was "because the unit lost my APFT card". I thought this situation sounded suspicious but my only other thought was that records were falsified. Any additional insight on this chief? At the time I almost made a complaint..
I would not make a complaint without knowing the whole story; especially if I never talked to that PV2's NCO.

A SM could also not move up the ranks automatically to E4 for a variety of reasons. Negative counselings that his leadership informs the Commander to not approve him on the C10. Also, there have been instances when actual promotion orders were not cut but yet the servicemember sees his/her LES show the next higher grade.

Also, was the PV2 actually flagged compared to your Soldier?

Sometimes there are some battles that you have to throw up the white flag and just drive on. Just make sure the next time all your Soldiers will be in tip-top shape in all areas of being a Soldier that an award will never get denied.

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