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Fellow Soldiers and current Warrant Officers,

I have been working on the summary for my resume. Critiques and contructive criticism of my summary would be very appreciated.

I am qualified to perform the duties of a 153A Rotary Wing Aviator. My military background is well rounded and I have had the opportunity to excel in various duty positions. Whether it has been leading Soldiers as a fire team leader in Afghanistan, helping plan a Mobile Gun System live fire range, winning an NCO of the Month board, performing the duties of the Platoon Sergeant in his absence or being recognized as “Top Gun” during Squadron Mobile Gun System gunnery, I have always gone that extra mile. With one deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom and two deployments to Operation Enduring Freedom, I have developed the skills nessessary to analyze a potentially hazardous situation and take steps nessessary to mitigate threats while accomplishing the mission.

For the past eight years I have been fortunate enough to train, lead, and serve with some of the best Soldiers in the Army. Now I want to pursue my aim of becoming an Army Aviator. After witnessing what an Apache Attack Helicopter can bring to the battle fields of Afghanistan or the swiftness with which a MEDEVAC can reach a casualty, I’ve known that is what I want to do. The chance to become a technical expert in one career field sounds like an incredible career opportunity with its own unique challenges. Our ground forces often rely on highly trained and exceptionally professional Army Aviators. Operating the Nation’s most advanced helicopters, they bring the confidence Soldiers need to win any battle. I want to provide that same confidence to our Soldiers. I know that if selected, I will contribute successfully to the Army Aviation profession.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read my summary.
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❖ Section II-Must include Civilian Education (should match ERB or included transcripts)
❖ Section VII- Summary- The idea is to be able to articulate to the board why you deserve to be a
warrant officer and how you plan to serve as a WO. (THERE IS NO EXAMPLE)
❖ Section VIII- Signature- Must be signed and dated.

How do you plan to serve as a WO?

For example, you can mention your experiences as a TC when you were on mounted patrol in Iraq and Afghanistan and correlate that to being a pilot in a Blackhawk. Do you see where I am going with that?
Hey there William8519. I went to WOCS for 153A. Unfortunately about a month and half prior graduating from the 64 course, I was injured. That being said, I can tell you the same thing I tell others who want to go especially as a 153A. Keep your summary short (i.e. no more than one paragraph).

At the same time explain briefly why you want to be an Aviator while expressing how bad you want it. Your second paragraph does it, but tone it down a bit. Something along the lines of, "I've always wanted to an Aviator and there is nothing I want to do more than fly." I too used an experience of sitting in the back of a Chinook in my summary.

Your first paragraph needs to a better job of summarizing. I'm sure the section that explains your military experience already listed most of this. Nothing wrong with bringing it up again, but no need to rewrite everything. Make sense?

Remember try to condense all of this into one paragraph. Look forward to seeing your next draft. Keep it up; you're on the right track. Trust me it is worth it!

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