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I am a Vet. I was in the USN back in 94-98. My MOS over there was Aviation Electrical/Mechanical Repairman(civi-translation) and I was an E3 when I left. Recently, I decided to join the Army and get into M6.
The questions I have in mind are...

I have over 60 credits in college... probably around 90 but no degree yet. My recruiter said if he get me E4 and M6, would I join? I know I was E3 in the Navy and is it transfering over to Army. He throws in another one for me because of college credit.
(1)What rank (E3, 4, 5, etc) should I bargain for? Should I get E5?

A friend of mine said his recruiter promised to give him E5 and he has no prior military what so ever. BUT he has around 100 credits in college. Is this possible?

(2)As for M6, I will be going through 68W first and then continue on with M6 right after correct?
I forgot to ask him last time. I will ask him this Monday when I am back to fill out some papers.

Oh for the note, he told me 68W is filled up for active service, so I have to be in active parttime for it.

Thanks in advance for all your answers. Please do be constructive and no bashing.
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I'm no recruiter, yet. But I don't think you can get E-5 coming in. As prior service, maybe, but it's been awhile since you been in so I don't think that it's going to happen. I'd be happy with E-4, thats more than what most come in as. But it don't hurt to ask, I mean if you get it, sweet, but don't go in counting on it.
The Army Civilian Acquired Skills program (ACASP) can allow people with education.......AND.......EXPERIENCE (key word experience) the ability to come in as a E-5. The example I have heard before with no examples to cite, would be a truck driver that has been doing it in the civilian world for 6 years can allegedly come in as an E-5 IF the have their $hit together as far as their credentials. Understand this....the recruiter does not make the deal for you to join the Army...they just do the paperwork being Prior Service (the army Guidance counselor does that).
Thank you Sgt Bethea and Corvette1140.
I am happy just to be able to get E4 and 68W/M6 though. I guess I was being a bit greedy due to the past experience in the USN. I just don't want to end up in the $%&# hole any way. I was thinking of the higher the rank the better off I am with focussing on my skill and be the best at it. When I was in the USN, I was in such low ranking, I always end up doing the low down little dirty $&%* for my command. From shining the officer boots to cleaning the toilets. It was such bad experience; all I could think of was do my job and get the heck out when time is up.
Don't take me wrong. I was a hard working kid. I worked so hard that I was being promoted 1 rank for being the top 3 in my MOS school. So that made me an E2 instead of E1 when I transfered to my actual command.

Thanks again for the prompt answer gentlemen/ladies. I am much grateful.

If there is any tip you can give me so I can be prepared for my MOS schooling, I would be grateful.

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