Ok to start this off I recieved a Relief for Cause NCOER back in FEB.. However i do not have any codes on my Reenl/eligbility.. Also i was wondering since I will be Getting out in 16 months and it puts me at 8 years 9 months am i eligible for Sep pay? Or do i need a code first?
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Seems like we are in similar situations

Since you got a rfc I will assume you got one of the following

No block in army values and/or
4 or 5 in senior rater block

You should be coded as 9w iaw regulation you can reference your self off army reenlistment.com

Since you are atill coded as a 10 that means they haven't caught it yet which I doubt they will unless you tell them or for some reason they look it up.

CC don't audit all the NCOs ompf for ncoers to add the code. Mine only got added after I tried to reenlist they looked at my ncoer and told me the bad news.

As for sep pay, if you get 9w code yea you will get sep pay at either full or half rate. If you ets with a 10 then you don't get sep.

Still trying to figure out what the discharge will be worse case I fire They will hit us with

Re entry code 4
Other than honorable discharge.

Best case re entry code 3
Honorable discharge

Even CC cannot tell you what if you will get sep pay or your discharge. You have to see post transition.

If any one has more info than me please provide for us.

This is a new program and I don't know anyne to have been discharged with it.

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