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Hi guys,
I am a highschool junior currently. I'm starting to look at colleges and I have decided (known this for years) that since I intend to make a career in the military that I am only going to apply to colleges with ROTC programs.

I'm not going to west point or anything (would if my grades were better)but I am wondering what colleges I should look at since I have a solid 2.5 gpa and would be manageable to attend.also should I consider just doing an OCS instead?
Thanks soldiers,

I can afford college thanks to my grandfather who left me enough money to pay for tuition
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I would look through all the requirements to become an officer, ROTC, West Point, OCS, and understand the prerequisites for every step of the way for each of the program. Pros and cons for each route, and how to get there.

For example,

West Point - prestigious, it's the Army life before the Army. Guaranteed commission. (I think, as long as you make it through all four years.)

ROTC - You still get to enjoy a typical college life. Active duty commission not guaranteed.

OCS - You just apply after your degree and hope you get selected.
service academy: full ride
ROTC: generous stipends
OCS: on your own

There are other routes as well. With demonstrated leadership (say, enlist in a reserve component, and complete at least WLC) you could apply for direct appointment. Enlistment would allow for you to gain experience before appointment, and start with higher pay. Additionally, you can collect GI bill money and have tuition paid by the Army (possibly student loans repaid as well). Disadvantage is that Regular Army appointment may require additional steps.
CONGRATS on being smart enough to plan ahead.
Each method has its own advantages.

Westpoint is competitive to get in, your Congressperson must recommend you along with the application process.

While it might be easier to enter ROTC, as noted the Commission is not guaranteed. But it would help pay for college (and grandpa's generosity can help buy a house or whatever.)

OCS is even less guaranteed- as noted you could get the GI Bill and use it to pay for college...

Keep exploring, research and keep your options open!
this may not help right now, but...

every year the Army makes available 25 ish slots for Westpoint. these are slots open to active duty enlisted. there are some steep rules to qualify thought.
under the age of 23 or 25.
forgot the rest, but you better bet you need to be very high speed, and squared away for your leadership to even think about it. and again, this is Army wide.. so 25 slots for everyone to compete for.

so just throwing that out there. granted, you have to already be in the Army, but not all hope is lost

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