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I just served 4 years active duty (honorably) and was placed into the reserves to serve my remaining 3 years. I was diagnosed with asthma while in the military. I have 70 college credits and have been speaking with my local rotc department about but the CPT didn't have a clear cut answer. So my question is can I join ROTC with asthma I'm already an enlisted soldier and never failed a PT test.
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Congrats on your active duty service- I hate to be a wet blanket but *I* think it's unlikely. Joining then finding out you have asthma is one thing.

Joining after the Army already knows is a different matter altogether- and although you are enlisted now, going Officer will be an entirely different "join"... It's not as simple as re-enlisting, it's a different process altogether.

HOWEVER- if that's what you really want, wouldn't hurt to Try! You won't know for sure until you try and get something official back from the Army...
Are you actively drilling in the reserves? If so, you should be good to go, because you are still "in". If just in the IRR, it might be more difficul. Like Auto said, it is worth a try. Often in the military, if you keep pressing when you hear a "No", you will find a "yes" from someone.
Hate to tell you but if your PFT (Pulminary Functions Test) demonstrates Asthma, your SOL.

May not be what you want to hear.

What keeps you from lying the second time round like you did when you 1st came in?

If the shoe fits please own it on my last statement, if not disregard.

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