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Hi folks. First time poster, long time lurker.
I have decided to eat crow on the words of "Never Again!" and I am planning on going back into the Army. Things will totally be different from the first time. I was Single in a Cold War (end of it)/Peacetime Army. Now it would be Married, Wartime focus.

What would be the irony of it for me is: The Post that made me want out the first time would be the post where I would restart... WSMR, New Mexico. Long Story so I am not getting into that big mess.

I am sure things have changed in 15 years...and most deff. (hopefully) the people involved in my bad time are gone elsewhere or out.

Is WSMR still a ghost town on weekends? Is the Bowling Alley still the best place to eat? Where is the housing for WTC on post (like near the Bowling Alley)?

Anyways... getting back in shape has been rough on this old body with smoking and running only when chased. The past 3 weeks have been major improvments in Push ups as I can do 36 in 2 minutes now where I could only do 10 when I started back. Running really kicked my buttox when I ran /walked 2 Miles to establish my baseline (24:43). Pushing ahead though and doing Fartlek training on a track. Did a miles worth tonight and felt pretty good at the end. Basically I ran the straights and fast walked the corners. Soon the walks will be Airborn Shuffles and Sprint the straights. I remember how that type of training upped my runs quickly way way back when. Goal: in one month...pass the APFT with 60s for a 35 Year Old Male. If I can do that...I am signing on the dotted line. I know what I got to do and I am doing it.

Hopefully I can get the 42A MOS...Chairborne Ranger. Yea I know its not the gung ho Combat Positions but this time around is going to be different. I am restarting my life...again. Not drinking my money away this time. This will be education and save money time...but if I am called to do my duty in the dirt...I will go without problems.

Well, theres me Intro. To all of you going through or completed WTC, hope to see you around sometime.
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Hey, you might just be my boss in the future Where is AIT for 42's? I cant seem to find that.

42A is my first choice...and will push for it due to the Business Admin aspects in the Civie World.

The others I have considered are as follows:

91G (Medical 42A), 25D , 88K (Army's Navy but no more LARK 60's for me to drive), 91Q (Drug Dealers), 91R (Why does it have Vetrinary in the title?) and 25M (Love doing computer graphics)

Maybe even 91J for a short time AIT
Now I got a nice little delay in my Fitness Training. Runners Knee. Sometimes it hurts to even walk...much less drive my Stick Shift Car. Sucks. 4-6 Weeks of no bent knee exercises and deff. no running in that time.

Went to a gym on a free trial. Elipticals hurt. Did find that doing stationary bikes didnt hurt so I guess I will focus alot on that while recovering. So just a little speedbump in my plans but I am not quitting on it!
Originally posted by MustBCrazy:
Hey, you might just be my boss in the future Where is AIT for 42's? I cant seem to find that.

42A is my first choice...and will push for it due to the Business Admin aspects in the Civie World.

The others I have considered are as follows:

91G (Medical 42A), 25D , 88K (Army's Navy but no more LARK 60's for me to drive), 91Q (Drug Dealers), 91R (Why does it have Vetrinary in the title?) and 25M (Love doing computer graphics)

Maybe even 91J for a short time AIT

AIT for the 42 series is at Ft. Jackson, SC. My first MOS was 42F, the easiest, most shamtastic job in the Army. I reclassed because the lack of work made it kinda boring.
Thanks Guys. I did finally find FT Jacksons site on the 42A School...including the study topics and handouts...all kinds of info.

Do you mean the new boots dont take to Kiwi too well...lmao.

I will be back... Taking the stance of the Army in my timetables...cant say when I will be doing anything. I just will be doing something sometime.
What I mean is...You plan on at so and so time to do something...then something happens to delay it.
So basically will happen when it happens. I will just keep standing by until I am healed and physically ready and hope there are no other delays.

Everyone in the Army knows the Phrase "Hurry up and wait."
Just finished WTC 22 December 2007. I am prior Air Force coming off the Blue to Green program so prior Army can probably ignore half of this since they are used to it...

Fort Sill inprocessing is a joke. 0400-0430 wakeups for morning formation. Eat chow and spend a few days of your typical hurry up and wait for inprocessing. The DI's there are laid back compared to what I expected, I never saw a TI (AF version of the DI) crack a smile or even talk to another military member without a hat like a human being (but it is the reception battalion). The joke part is what happens after inprocessing. Same morning formations only to sit outside for an entire day reading your precious smartbook. Some will be blessed by getting details to do Cadre's work (taking other new WTC trainee's on inprocessing trips). If you are really lucky, you will get there only a few days before the next bus to Santa Fe and will avoid weeks of wasted time standing around outside.

Santa Fe is where the training actually starts. You will live in an open bay segregated as much as possible by what platoon you are in, or wether you are a female or not. You will learn quickly which Cadre are to avoided and which ones you can actually take some tips from. Santa Fe is more academic. You will spend a great deal of time just absorbing the information (don't worry its not hard to get). Alot is outside, and a lot is inside.

WSMR was the next part of the course. WSMR was a good time becaude 99% was spent on the range. You will still have your 0'dark 30 formations. Chow is a little better, but not much. I personally loved WSMR because we got a lot of trigger time.

Now for the disclaimer - I was part of a 21 day course because of Christmas exodus, the normal course is 28 days. We were told we missed no training, that we got it all done because we were a whole platoon short (we had 3, normally there are 4). Also, Cadre tell us that Santa Fe may get cut out because of construction there. That is a good thing. The elevation at Santa Fe is bad for that initial PT test, and they will do muscle failure/burnouts the day before your test. I liked the bayonet assault course at SF, it was about 1/4 mile long. The one at WSMR is much shorter, but we didn't run that one.

Cadre: Instructors always make the course what it is. Get it through your head they are teaching you the basics and you will be fine. I do have two complaints: 1) I am prior service and have been wiping my own ass for years - nuff said. 2) Cadre has a BAD habit of finding those that give a damn and applying the standards to them, while the ones who cheat and melinger their way through are allowed to pass.

The Course: Easy. No reason you can't pass this thing. Do what you are told when you are told and you will do well.

PT: Easy. I say this as someone who wokred a desk for months before this course and who's only gym time was on the weights. I found out the army does 2 miles instead of 1 1/2 and had time to run the 2 mile before the course 3 times. Santa Fe has a higher elevation and is more difficult to run, but WSMR is lower and on a decline. PT while there was negligible for us. It was the only thing Cadre expected us to prepare for in advance.

Student Leaders: Army does it different, they just pick people. Give those guys a break, nobody wants a leadership position in a training environment.

Packing List: Civilian clothes, food, porn, cologne, and any alcohol based product (to include mouthwash)is contraband. Your civies will be packed in a con-ex for the duration of training, along with your class A's. You can have cell phones, laptops, and games there, but their use will be limited to the last hour or so of the day (2100-2200). Laptop wireless cards such as those from sprint or verizon will get internet and are a nice distraction. Versizon phones seem to get the best reception in WSMR, other providers don't work too well. You can smoke on soldiers time, if you are a smoker bring enough for a month, shoppette in Santa Fe is smoke free.

Other things to pack: Enough toiletries for the duration, foot powder, and OTC meds. Bring the meds! Don't go to sick call if you can help it and bring something for the crud you will inevitably get from open bay living. Shower shoes, a towel big enough to wrap around yourself, a roll of toilet paper that doesn't double as sand paper. PT shoes, white socks, Pens, a pocket sized notebook, padlocks/combo locks, permanent marker, standard military style L-shaped flashlight with at least a red lens. Highly suggested you search the web for the ACU approved detergent and bring some. All these items are available to buy at Fort Sill, but it is not guaranteed you will get a chance, and they may be out. If you have uniforms, don't bring them. Soldiers lose their shit and say people stole it. Shakedowns will be dependant on if you have more than what you are issued at Fort Sill. Skill badges and tabs/patches are authorized, but really, whats the point? They draw attention to you in a training environment.

Hope this helps. Sorry bout the long post, but its as short as I can get it.

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