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Hi, I am going to be talking to a recruiter at the end of this month and getting the enlistment process started to join the Army. I have been working out, trying to get in shape before Basics. I am a 26 (almost 27) year old female, 5 ft 6, weight ranges from 135-140 lbs. Anyways I've noticed that some of my workouts are not going well.

1. I can only do about 7 pushups and can't seem to increase the number.

2. I can't run even 1/2 a mile without having to stop and catch my breath. I've tried many breathing technique I found online (like the 2-2 method) but they don't seem to work for me. I either start holding my breath or breathing too fast, either way the result is the same, my body feels like it's not getting enough oxygen and I have to stop and catch my breath. Now I noticed that I can jog in place for over 4 miles (Wii Fit Plus) with no problem, it's the actual running that I have problems with.

Also can someone give me information about calorie intake. I've cut my calorie intake to about 1500 a day but I've been gaining weight and there are days when after I eat I still feel hungry. I've cut back on my soda intake and don't eat as many sweets or salty (pepperoni is my favorite snack but I can't eat it anymore). I just don't know what I am doing wrong. I do situps, pushups and running multiple times during the day so I should be doing better but I haven't been. I am worried that at this rate, I won't be able to survive Basics.
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They can push you to do better once you're there but you should push yourself to get into shape now like you're doing. Eat more greens, healthier food will fill you up and give you more energy. Run 30/60s and 60/120s (sprint for 30/60 seconds and walk for 60/120 seconds) since what it seems like is you burn out before a real excersize has started. If thats not the case and you're holding your breath then think about breathing the entire time you're running and breathe every 2-3 steps.

As far as pushups go you can get some low weight dumbbells and lay on your back and do a bench press sort of deal to help but other than that just doing more pushups will increase your numbers. Do as many as you can in one day, take the next day off and then do 1-5 more than you previously did the next day (write your numbers down). If you push yourself and workout 4 days a week you'll get there. You'll be fine if you truely want to join, just work on what you can now and make sure to push yourself once you're there.
Sounds like you need serious help, I would highly recommend you get a personal trainer and let them know your goals.

At your age you she be very proficient in your Pushups and be able to run at a absolute minimum 3 miles without stopping.

You may have to push your enlistment date back but it will save you a lot of heartache from failing APFT in the Army and getting kicked out or flagged for promotion.

Do the hard work now, rather than later.
Wow Sgt E. don't break her heart now...You don't have to push ur enlistment back...the recruiters will have PT sessions and they will evaluate you and help you along...they are not gonna send you to BCT totally unprepared. You will have classes on basic knowledge of the military and you will recieve atleast two APFT 1-1-1 tests.

You just keep working hard and never give up hope and you'll make it. Just talk to your recruiter and tell him how you feel, and I know for fact that he or she will help you. Don't sweat the small stuff, keep your head up and your spirits up. You will
A cardio heavy version of P90X which BTW has a pretty good nutrition plan to go with it. If you have to go to a knee or even two to keep doing push ups then do it. You should be sore the day following a workout.

As far as running, sprint for 30 seconds and walk briskly for 60. Then repeat. do this for 1 to 2 miles. You are just starting so I wouldn't suggest any farther for the 30/60. You should by the end of basic be able to do this for 3-4 miles.
Thanks for all the great advice. Smiler

I have only been exercising for about 2 1/2 months and before that I wasn't very active until I starting considering enlisting. So I knew I wouldn't be able to immediately be able to do 50 pushups and run miles at a time but I did think I would have improved a little.

The end of this month was chosen for me to talk to the recruiter because a friend of mine that is in the Army is coming to town and said he would go with me. I don't get to talk to him too often online though because he is always busy with his classes and training (he is being deployed to Afghanistan in April).

SSG E, I can't afford a personal trainer, I have no income at the moment.
I wouldn't be concerned as there are some people that go to basic with No train up and just play video games and smoke before BCT. It is called Basic Combat Training for a reason. Just stay active before you go and don't drink Gatorade (your not running marathons) stop soda, and if you smoke...quit.
Don't worry Corvette, I don't smoke (never have) and I have decreased my soda intake to maybe a couple every few days (I haven't had a soda in 5 days and before that it was about a week) been drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and milk (fat free)...I also haven't had any alcoholic drinks in months...the hardest part of my diet is avoiding the Pepperoni because I am staying at my parents for now and there is always a huge bag of pepperoni in the fridge, i get tempted everytime I open the fridge door, lol...
Thanks for the links. They are helping quite a bit. Smiler

my diet is going better for me, most days I haven't been getting hungry between meals (there are still some days that I do)...My BMI is at 21.61 and I will be going to talk to a recruiter any day now. My friend is home on leave, so he is going to take me when he gets a little time.
Screw waiting, man just go see all the recruiters...not just Army. Check out the Coast Guard, Navy, AF and CORPS. No one will BS ya since they will know they can't slam dunk you into the military in a week anyways (which they can with many other people since enlistments are waaay up). Their quotas are all ready filled, prolly till the next fiscal year. Just go with mom, dad, gram, or gramps.
well there are a couple of reasons why I want to go with my friend. My parents have no knowledge of the military, for one so they wouldn't be any help to me and would complain if it took a while. The other reason is more selfish, it's a way to spend some time with my friend, I haven't seen him in 4 years and there is no knowing when I will get to see him next after I enlist (Plus he ships of to Afghanistan in April).
When I went to basic, I was not in good physical shape at all. I totally failed my first pt test..don't worry though, you will build up endurance from all the push ups you will be doing. If I did it over again though, I would def work on running and sit ups. That was where I struggled the most at first. You do so many push ups that you will (if you are like me) excel at them on your pt test.

Good luck.
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These are really good programs that I've done and they both work, they have different work outs depending on what you can do starting out and help you build up. Don't know if you need the sit-ups or not but there on the APFT so it couldn't hurt.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

Hey TylerMac

I couldn't agree more, these programs really do work especially the couch to 5K program, if you want more information you can get weekly training schedules sent to your email address. The website address is ... and the best thing about it is that it is all free.

Hope this helps you out..
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