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So the question I place forth here is, While engaged in a mass P.T. run that has started prior to Reveille, what is the proper action, ACCORDING TO REGULATION, when Reveille comences? Should everyone just stop the event and render Honors to the Colors disregarding the physiological stress of stopping during a cardiovascular event?
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You should stop unless you are doing a timed event. So if you are in the middle of a APFT then do not stop, if you are running the track for time, I would not stop.

Most places I have been ensure that your PT time is scheduled to either start or end right around the Flag so you can salute and not have to worry about it.
regs don't change-

If they can't get the horn to blow they should raise the flag anyway. There have been plenty of times which I (with my unit) have saluted "thin air" in honor of the flag, not knowing if the flag on the other side of post had gone up or not.

Colorguard on Fort Gordon is required to be there 30minutes early to make sure that the schedule is met.

Common sense should be able to fix any situation...
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Take a gander at AR 600-25, Appendix C, Table C-1.

And your answer is yes.

A: Its not going to kill you to stop for 60 seconds.
B: Its not that stressful.
C: If it's that big of a concern, maybe you should start AFTER reveille.

Weight of AR 600-25 is bit more. otherwise its a superb weapon

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