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I have less than a month before shipping to BCT, and am trying to improve upon my run. I was going to try to pick up a CD of military running cadences at the local Army-Navy surplus store, if they have one. Alternately, I was wondering if anyone knew any sites online where such songs in mp3 or another format could be found? Thanks...
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Hmm, I've been doing some searching since posting that first message, and haven't found many running cadences available online. There are a few websites, but I'm not sure about the legality of the downloads.

If anyone else is interested in acquiring cadence mp3s, offers Army Ranger running cadences in mp3 format, along with cadences from other military branches. Right now they have a promotion where you can try out the service with 40 or 50 free mp3 downloads without having to commit. Not a bad deal...
Thanks, the radio interface is cute.

I ended up downloading cadences from from the Army Infantry, Rangers, Special Forces, Navy, Marines, and Air Force... an interesting mix.

This morning I ran along with the cadences for the first time, and WOW what a difference it made. I actually had to stop myself after awhile because I knew my body probably wasn't ready to continue running any longer, but I certainly wanted to keep going because of the cadences. Great stuff.
Well I can tell you you wont need them cadences to run better. They'll run the crap out of you, till you cant run anymore. Then they'll make you run some more. Just remember one thing while your in basic. Just because you hit muscle failure dosnt mean your done. They'll keep working you, and then gradually you'll become accustomed to it and get used to it. Then wah lah you'll be one strong motivated soldier.

Sucks we never did running cadences. The only time we actually ran was during pt and when we where at running around the barracks. During our Bravo 500.
favorite cadence
when that left foot hits the ground all i want to here is that what sound

let's get this started

before we get retarded

that gin and juice ...

You all can probaly guess where it goes from there. It was a riot hearing that one during rare PT sessions around Z lake on Camp Liberty.

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