I am seriously looking at competing for the SAMC. I am a SSG, serving as a Platoon Sergeant. I have competed in a number of boards, and have sat on a number of Soldier/NCO of the month boards, as well as promotion boards. My question is, aside from basic knowledge and board questions, what do you look for in a candidate?

Leaders book?

What, in your opinion weighs heaviest in determining a candidate? In month boards and promo boards presentation is everything, IMO.

Do you believe in quotas, such as "we will only take the top 1-2 per board"?

I am SERIOUS about making the SAMC by years end, what would be your recommendation to me?
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i made the SAMC in 2005. When I went, the most important things the board was looking for was leadership experience and skills(most important); a functional, accurate, and current leaders book, and poise and confidence. Don't try to BS the board. Memorize the Audie Murphy bio verbatim! The board consists of purely situational questions and scenarios, so just the standard study guide answers won't help you. Make sure you find a SAMC member in your unit to train you up for it, or try to contact a 1SG or CSM who has sat on the board, most are more than willing to mentor a promising young NCO. make sure you have a sterling recommendation from your sponsor. The thing that helped me the most was that it was a brigade wide effort where a 1SG and several SAMC members from the Brigade held weeks of mock boards and AAR's before the board and mentored all of the NCO's who were recommended to go. Make sure that when you go there you take your time and maintain your composure, don't get flustered just give your honest answer of what you would do in your experience. What's more, is if you do make it, stay active in the club!
Boards promote off of your potential for future leadership.

SAMC board inducts based off of your leadership.

See the difference? All the things listed (APFT, leader's book, confidence, experience) go into this decision. It is a situational based board so you will be tested on things you know, don't know, and should have an answer for anyways.

No one is perfect and they understand that all questions will not be answered like a tape recorder.

Be yourself, study the mandatory material (Bio's, songs, creeds etc) and then perform the situational material to the best of your leadership abilities.

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