I can't find the link to SAMC study guide at ArmyReenlistment.com. Am I missing something or is it not on the website?

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Please send me a PM if you are interested.

If you send this to me, I can host the document on ArmyReenlistment.com and provide a link for you to distribute if you'd like.
I am currently in IRAQ, and setting up another SAMC board, along with study hall, I have study materials but want to build a bigger better study guide, I am currently trying to obtain as many different study guides, to try to make one if all can send me what you have I will post a string when i have it complete.. Thanks for all your help..
Good Day,

I, too, will be attending the SAM Board at the end of the Month. If you could please provide any information/insight or advice it would be greatly appreciated. To all, thanks in advance for your time and attention; it is greatly appreciated.

Please email to: lowejazz1@yahoo.com
Can you please send me the second part...the questions and answers

Originally posted by KSoler:
A lot of people have asked for study questions and other ways to prepare. I have a 9mb file for you if you are interested.

It is 175 pages long. The first half is devoted to all of the paperwork needed, examples of packets and so forth. The second half gives many questions and answers to the questions along with important responses and reference material. Please send me a PM if you are interested.

It is a pdf file for reference.

Hope this helps some people interested!

Hey all, I realize that this thread has taken on a life of its own. I apologize for those who have requested but not received the file. For those who sent me PM's I was able to get most of them it.

I've been in Afghanistan for a tick or two and checking the board has not been readily available. I sent it off to the people who have posted on the 4th page this morning (bandwidth is always an issue here).

If you are still looking, please feel free to send me a pm. I've heard nothing but success from people so far.

Additionally, please understand that "I need this, I'm going to the board tomorrow" is the wrong answer. It is an asset, but not the end all. And most importantly, I don't have a 15 minute turnaround time. It just isn't practical.

So for those interested, please send me pm so I will get your email and can send it off as soon as possible. I will try to check the board, but it simply does not happen as often as I'd like.

Good luck to those taking the SAMC board, and if you were successful, it would be great if you could post too.

Best of luck

This post has taken a life of its own is an understatement. I think it's great that you are helping Soldiers out with your study guide. I will be going to the SAMC Board soon and am also wondering if you could be kind enough to send me the study guide. I would appreciate it tremendously. My email is mgarndog@yahoo.com Thank you in advance.
Could you please send my your study guide. I am preparing for the next board. I have already been told that I am going and have started studying, but want to make sure I am ready and don't want to wait till the last minute. My email is ihsp_41@yahoo.com


I'm back now and can facilitate the sending out of the study guide again via the thread.

I recommend that if you need it that you send me a PM (this sends the notice to my email and I can forward directly to you there). If you post here it will take longer for me to get it to you but I will.

If you have posted before but not received it please post again if you still have need and I will forward it to you.

Remember - it is 9mb so make sure you use an email address which can support the file.

Additionally, I would appreciate if you get it / use it / go to the board if you could post back here afterwards if it helped.

Sent to all three.

For the record I would appreciate some feedback: if anyone here has received the study guide and taken the SAMC board, if they found it helpful?

Did it guide their studying for the situational questions and answers?

I have now seen two SAMC boards conducted like promotion boards with the winners of the brigade boards sending in an essay for induction into the division board.

If this is the new norm, then this guide will not assist you in studying for that. So I am looking for any feedback.
I hope you're still around to share because I'm digging in and going for it. My young soldiers need some motivation and I'm taking the challenge. Please send me what material you may have. Thank you for your generosity.


A true soldier does not fight because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him
Hello all,
I was just recommended for induction into the MEDCOM S*A*M*C Friday Feb 11’th, so I thought I would put in my two cents about my recent board experience. I have been studying for these boards for about a year or so.

I have seen a lot of posts of people looking for the smallest detail about Sergeant Audie Murphy. My tip is to forget all that, the board won’t care that you know the name of the guy Audie Murphy punched because he was being mean to a dog. (I’m not saying you shouldn’t know things like who his living sister is, or know about Audie Murphy day) They did however ask me this,...
“We all know Audie Murphy is known for great things what can you tell us about him that is troubling”
I talked about his drug addiction to what was thought a non-addictive sleep aid due to his PTSD then called war fatigue. I went on to explain how he became an activist for PTSD and made the army take a serious look at their mental health care standards especially during the Vietnam war. Just remember the S*A*M*C board / club is about leadership not memorization!

Don’t say “I believe, I think, I feel” if you only “believe” you will act a certain way when one of your soldiers are in need how can the board have faith that you are the type of confidant and caring NCO they are looking for to join the club. Another don’t do is if they ask you why you want to be in the club,.. don’t say because SAMC members are the best NCO’s in the army this will sound like you are saying those NCO’s that are not in the club (there will probably be a non SAMC SGM or two on your board) are not as capable or as good of a leader as club members.

Bio Bio Bio! it may be a small part of the months of preparation but it also may be the most important. My Hospital level board was intense, I answered questions for about 3.5 hours. My sponsor ensured my bio was excellent for the regional boards and I only answered questions for about an hour. The confidence and professionalism you exhibit reciting your bio will set the tone for the rest of your board.

other random questions I remember,...
(I’m a 68W medic one of my soldiers is a 68K Lab tech)
“Because you work in the orderly room what are you doing to ensure your Sergeant is maintaining her M.O.S. proficiency”

“Lets say your soldiers performance begins to become substandard what do you do?”

(after explaining that I would counsel them on an individual basis and determine exactly what was the cause of their obvious lack of motivation then take steps to motivate them they asked,...)

“Now your soldiers want to go to I.G. because of your counseling what do you do?”

The club members asked about my volunteer work (I have been volunteering since before I was in the army and in the army before I knew about the SAMC so I think I was good on that section.) They also asked about the Military Outstanding Volunteer Medal (Which I don’t have) I don’t register my time like you can at ACS I always kinda figured it defeats the purpose of volunteering if you are logging hours for some kind of recognition. (I didn’t say any of this to the board members I didn’t want to come off as arrogant because I’m sure a lot of them feel differently and they do log hours. I just said I didn’t know about logging hours and I volunteer because I enjoy it, I don’t think it hurt my cause at all.)

If anyone has any other questions please feel free to e-mail me at Brian.fulton1@us.army.mil
All great and informative answers! I'm disappointed to read that some SAMC boards are still run like Promotion or NCO/Soldier boards.

To assist in studying for and mentoring candidates for SAMC selection, I created a page on MilWiki. You can get to it thru AKO or at least be logged into AKO and type in the following URL:


It's almost complete, but it will give you a damned good start on info and facts OTHER than what you will find in any standard Audie Murphy bio.
Oooh, I just found out my URL gained a hyperlink. You can get to the page by just clicking on it in the previous post (If you're already logged into AKO).

If you're not logged into AKO, you'll be sent to the MilSuite page. Just log in with your AKO info, type in Audie Murphy in the search window and go.
As I mentioned a while back, I created a page on MilWiki. You can get to it thru AKO or at least be logged into AKO and type in the following URL:


It's almost complete, but it will give you a damned good start on info and facts OTHER than what you will find in any standard one-page Audie Murphy bio.

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Could you by any chance email me that info to sarah.a.walton@us.army.mil? I searched all over AKO using the milwiki address you gave out, but couldn't return any results. I'm a fairly new SGT and could use all the study help I can get going to my installation board. This is the only reference to a complete study guide I've been able to come across, and I've searched all over the net. Sorry to bother you with having to send it to my email, but I'm desperate to get ahold of pertinent study material.

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