I’m surprised at the attitude of a large population of potential members on here. You are wasting your time cramming facts into your head for this board. Here are a few simple tips
1) Know your soldiers and their families, this board isn’t about how many facts you can recite off the top of your head it’s about what kind of leader you are, how can you be a good leader if you don’t know your soldiers?
2) You should know army programs above all else, how can you take care of your soldiers if you don’t know basic program facts like the services ACS provides to your soldiers, or EFMP regulations, your local education center and tuition benefits programs ect. (also know guide lines found in PRT and Weapons regulations) how can you improve your soldiers pt and weapons if you don’t know what the prep drills are, the recovery guidance for profiles, the different levels of marksmanship training ect.)
3) All boards will differ slightly, some will include AWT requiring all first time go, some will be more or less situational based questions. Get with your local club find out if they have study sessions, find a mentor from the club that will help you prepare they should be the local expert on exactly what your board experience will be. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in this manner, your achievement is their achievement they can also get a gee wiz NCOER bullet stating they mentored a NCO to become a member.
4) After you have become the type of NCO the club is looking for i.e. Knowing your soldiers, having working knowledge of programs, PRT, Weapons,… Know the ins and outs of the regulation governing your SAMC club, they all have the club history and A.M.’s bio, any other facts beyond that are icing on the cake but no board I have ever heard of will hinder your progress because you don’t know the smallest detail about A.M. like his service number or the name of his living sister, ect. (It’s not bad info to have but significantly less important than afore mentioned facts.)

"You Lead From The Front" A.M.
To 8Sierra:
In case you didn’t get my email, here are some directions that will help…

*Make sure you’ve logged on to your AKO account with your CAC (card).
*Type “milwiki” into Google Search.
*The first link will read “KC-AKO Password Services”. Click on this link.
*It will take you to “https://www.kc.army.mil/miltech”. This is the site for MilTech Solutions.
*Half-way down the page, you’ll see several icons for several links. Click on the “milWiki” icon/link.
*The “milSuite” page will open in a new window. Click on the “cac login” link.
*The milWiki Main Page will open in a new window. Type “audie murphy” into the “Search” box.
*By the time you type “a-u”, “Audie murphy” and “Audit Trail” and several other pages will appear in a drop-down menu.
*Choose the “Audie murphy” link and it will take you to my Audie Murphy/SAMC page.

To AirDoc83:
1) No, these soldiers are NOT wasting time cramming their heads with all those facts. Any time a soldier can improve their knowledge base on how the Army works and how facilities and services are available to them to assist their soldiers, is time well spent…not time wasted.
2) Ya kinda contradicted yourself here. In order to satisfy your statements here, soldiers should pursue what you told them not to in Item 1.
3) You’re right for the most part. All boards are different, even SAMC boards. The TRADOC and FORSCOM regs allow each installation to set up their own parameters. You’re absolutely right, it’s best to contact the local SAMC for a mentor. But no, the mentor is not looking for an “attaboy” NCOER bullet, they should want to mentor a peer just for the sake of mentoring.
4) Again, you’re correct for the most part, however learning ALL you can about Audie L. Murphy may be the difference between a GO or a NO GO at this board. It is called the SGT Audie Murphy Club Board.

Last and not least… You should know more about Audie than you do about your Dad before going before this board. If you haven’t, rent “To Hell and Back” and watch it a couple of times. Next rent, borrow or buy a copy of Audie’s autobiography “To Hell and Back”. It goes into much more detail than the movie (a 1950s Hollywood version of what war was like). Next, you should rent or borrow a copy of “Audie Murphy: American Soldier” by COL(R) Harold B. Simpson. This magnificent book is a mother lode of info about Audie from his family tree history and early days thru his military accomplishments then thru his Hollywood career and thru his later days and tragic death. Once you’ve absorbed all the above mentioned knowledge, I recommend the fine Audie Murphy Memorial web site by Richard L. Rodgers. This used to be the second largest web site after Microsoft’s web site. The site is the definitive web site for all things Audie. Between this web site, the books and movie I mentioned, you will walk into the SAMC board armed with all the Audie knowledge you’ll need.
As you journey thru the SAMC board process, whether you make it or not, you can’t help but become a better, more knowledgable NCO from the experience. I hope the experience allows you to grow as an NCO, as a soldier and as a person.
Best of luck, let us know how you do!

I think I was a little unclear on some of my points and would like to clarify.
1) of course you need to know as much about the army and it's programs as you can, it will make you a better NCO if you know how to use the services available to you and your soldiers. What is a waste of time is knowing the tail number of the plane that A.M. died on, this has nothing to do with being an NCO, or who he is buried next to, or what the oak tree means that is planted near his grave. Yes it's the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club and if you go in there and don't even know his bio, can't name a few of his movies, songs, know about A.M. day you will probably get kicked out but I see far too many people spending too much time looking for crazy A.M. facts that don't know how to properly councel a soldier.
3) I didn't say SAMC members were looking for NCOER fluff, they do of course get nice bullets in leadership for mentoring a selected member. This was not intended to imply anything about the member only to persuade NCOs that think they have to do this whole thing on their own to go get help, them helping you is you helping them.
4) I don't know the CSMs on your boards but if you’re telling me soldier A didn't know A.M.'s service number but he eloquently solved several difficult soldier based situational questions and was voted no; while soldier B did know A.M.'s service number but couldn't explain how to mentor a soldier at an M16 range or how to deal with financial problems and he was voted yes then there is something fundamentally wrong with these boards and members. This is not a competition. Knowing one or two more little facts than the next guy doesn't mean he wins and you lose its individual based and they can select everyone or no one. but I'm sure you knew that already.

And last but not least,... your tips on those movies, and of course the website is great, if you don't do that you may not end up knowing enough. My only point is that you should be able to take care of your soldiers and be a great leader first, this isn't a board that you should cram for in one or two weeks. The NCOs I want in my organization are great leaders and it isn’t a fan club clique.
Could you please send me the information to my email address, I would extremely appreciated.
Originally posted by KSoler:

I'm back now and can facilitate the sending out of the study guide again via the thread.

I recommend that if you need it that you send me a PM (this sends the notice to my email and I can forward directly to you there). If you post here it will take longer for me to get it to you but I will.

If you have posted before but not received it please post again if you still have need and I will forward it to you.

Remember - it is 9mb so make sure you use an email address which can support the file.

Additionally, I would appreciate if you get it / use it / go to the board if you could post back here afterwards if it helped.

Originally posted by KSoler:
A lot of people have asked for study questions and other ways to prepare. I have a 9mb file for you if you are interested.

It is 175 pages long. The first half is devoted to all of the paperwork needed, examples of packets and so forth. The second half gives many questions and answers to the questions along with important responses and reference material. Please send me a PM if you are interested.

It is a pdf file for reference.

Hope this helps some people interested!

I would love this information if you don't mind! This is by far my next goal. A few 1SGs in my Battalion really want me to go for this to set myself aside as a new SSG 42A. Please send me what you can at vgrimes@troy.edu. Thank you so much Smiler

I would love this information you have on the SAMC board, if you don't mind! This is by far my next goal. A few 1SGs in my Battalion really want me to go for this to set myself aside as a new SSG 42A. Please send me what you can at vgrimes@troy.edu. Thank you so much Smiler
If anyone is in Europe and wants an example "study guide" and references for the Sergeant Morales Club Selection Board you can PM me. I became a member this year.

For these boards, you need to ensure your Soldier's counseling packets, Leaders Book, and ERB, as well as NCOERS are squared away. For SMC, you need to practice answering hypothetical questions dealing with touchy subject ranging from homosexuals, assaults, NCO's with debt and in need of housing or loans that don't qualify.

You need to go to your on post ACS and know all the programs they offer, you need to know Army Family Team Building, BOSS, MWR, anything that helps Soldiers or families. Go out right now and start volunteering.

Go find the president of the club you are trying to join and inquire about meetings, there should be bulletin boards around post, if not, use your NCO Support Channel to find your contact and begin volunteering with the group and trying to attend monthly meetings.

Good thing is, if your a member of one club, you can participate in the other, you will recieve a membership card and the ability to participate in all Audie Murphy functions. So why you are in Europe, do the Morales Club and volunteer with them for running NCOER bullets, and when you go to the States you will be able to add in your Audie Murphy NCOER bullets for volunteering, ect. Also, this works viceversa, inducted into Audie Murphy through boards gives your honorary membership into SMC.

Good luck and contact me if you need info if you are in the Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, Hohenfels, Garmish area and are interested in joining.

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