This is a link to some web pages I created in 1999. It includes sample question, history, and board advice.

There is a little known error included in both the FORSCOM and TRADOC regualtions governing Audie Murphy that is covered on one page. Last time I updated this site was 2004. (I lost the password to update it, and no longer have the email address I originally used to sign up for the site.) The references links may not be good, I haven't checked, but the links below are what you need for the Audie Murphy and SAMC related question.
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None of these sites work any more. Just for the record.

Perhaps the links don't work in their current forms but try these:

Bio, Awards, Songs

SAMC Study Questions

SAMC history and more

Remember: Just because things are lost does not mean they are always gone...

Well Sir...Thank you very much! You are a web master!

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