Sample Promotion Counseling

Here is what I have for a promotion counseling (not-recommending)

Promotino Potential


SPC Snuffy this i syour promotion counseling for the month of (month).at this time you have not shown the potential to become a SGT. Your performance during these past few months have been mediocre or just meeting the standard. You have been counseled on my expectations, as well as, what you need to do in order to achieve the next pay grade. You have not shown me that you are ready.

SPC Snuff, at this point in time, I am not recommending you for promotion.

(Also if they are on the Integrated Promotino List, you can state that they have awarded 350 promotion points, however, this does not mean you can get promoted.)

(Also list their TIG and TIS in the first paragraph.)

Hope this helps.
simply putting "You have been counseled on my expectations" is not sufficient grounds for making a solid non-recomendation counseling. That is not only not fair to the soldier, but to your leadership that is reading a BS counseling. You must state what improvements he/she needs to make to be considered for advancement, not a generalized you know what I said attitude about it, but more specific such as, "As of yet, you have not been able to demonstrate your leadership abilities to me, and you have not applied yourself to your full potential and helped to develop and mentor the junior soldiers who are under you. They could greatly benefit from the knowledge base which you have accumulated, and hoarding or not sharing this information to better our junior soldiers is not in keeping with the NCO core values, therefore, You will not be recomended for promotion from SPC to SGT for the month of ______"
i know it's an old thread but there are a lot of people here asking. i had to do one myself this past week for one of my soldiers and my 1sg told me to write something along the lines of:

spc ---- over the course of the past several months you have shown no motivation to achieve the next higher rank of sergeant. You have not prepared yourself for the promotion board, set yourself up for success for warrior leaders course or taken on the challenges of providing motivation, direction and purpose to your peers or subordinates. if you want to be a non commissioned officer spc ----- you must understand it is all or nothing. There is no middle ground. due to your lack of motivation and unwillingness to commit yourself to the next level i am not recommending you for promotion at this time.

plan of action was prepare yourself for the promotion board, prepare yourself for warrior leaders course, provide motivation, direction and purpose to your peers and subordinates

hope this helps someone else!

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