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I'm in the reserves and I'm a 74D (chemical) and by winning soldier of the year I've won my slot in Sapper school (I'm with an engineer unit).

I've read up on it and there is a lot of combat engineer and infantry warrior tasks levels 1,2,3 and 4 that you must know beforehand. I'm scheduled for the last class this year so I have about 3 months.

Physically I'm ready, I run a low 12's 2 mile with a 320 pt score, I ruck 12 miles for fun (reserves remember) and workout everyday.

I'm a fast learner but realistically can I teach myself everything I need to know in 3 months or should I try and get something else like airborne or air assault?
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Keep the slot, Sapper Leader Course is challenging and will develop you as a leader.

Learn your demolition caculations ahead of time, you can google them, and be confident with your math skills. And google the Sapper School Knots, you need to remember each one word for word verbatim.

Good Luck, your a lucky Soldier.

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