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I went to 68WM6 school and halfway thru we get news that we will be changing to 68C. Will 68W become my secondary mos then? If so will I be able to pursue an ASI (W1) with it being a secondary mos? If I can will I have to reenlist for it or can I request it thru ranger recruiting?
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did you complete 68W school and get a 1059 stating that you are a 68W?

if no to either one, then you are not a 68W and never got awarded the MOS, so it cant be a 2nd MOS.

If you did get the MOS, then that opens up a whole new ball of wax.

A. are you in a 68W slot?
B. Is this ASI only eligible for 68W, which goes back to A.
C. most schools require some amount of time left in service upon completion of the school. most of the time it is 1 year, but i know some require more 2 years+. If you look up the course in ATRRS, it should/could be listed there, otherwise your training NCO should have that information as well.

thats all i got
A 1059 doesn't even award an MOS, it just shows academic qualification. Unless you have orders awarding the MOS, you don't have it. Since you've been a 68W for 4 years by your previous posts, you should be reclassified and 68W would become your secondary.

W1 is limited to 68W as of 19 July in DA PAM 611-21.

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