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Firstly, I want to take the time to take responsibility for my actions and no where in this post am I attempting to ween from this responsibility.

Secondly, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post so I do apologize.

Back in February of 2013 I was arrested coming on to post with a loaded weapon, specifically a Mosin; which if anyone has owned knows that it's much quicker to remove the bolt than to unload the built in magazine. Thew weapon was in plain sight and was registered on post; totally my fault, wasn't even thinking.

In April of 2013 I was arrested for a DUI coming in the gate. I was found not guilty of all charges and dully acquitted.

My COC counseled me in for the weapon, while admonishing me for my laziness and lack of discipline they also stated I obviously posed no threat to myself, or anyone. Also stating that that counseling was to the only disciplinary action taken.

In any case, before these incidents I was named the Post's Volunteer soldier of the year, earned my Associates Degree and was awarded my AGCM and to this day have not received a single negative counseling or administrative/punitive action (excluding the firearm counseling). I am leaving next month to re class to an MOS requiring a Secret clearance, as I was clearing post I had to stop in the S2 shop and the NCOIC informed me that 'a decision still had not been made' in regards to my Security Clearance, informing me that I may be in AIT and have it revoked, then have to re class needs of the Army.

I'm not butthurt about having to be needs of the Army, honestly if it's the price I have to pay, so be it. But my question is this: does anyone have any knowledge of losing a security clearance, if this warrants it and what the time frame would be.

Oh and I have stellar credit.

Thank you for reading thus far and any help offered.
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Losing a clearance? What is your current clearance? If it was not revoked due to these actions; then I would not worry about it. But if you are applying for a secret; then it will be up to the investigator and hope for the best when it adjudicates.

BTW, if the MPs "arrested" you; if was not an arrest (that applies to local, state, federal LE); you were apprehended.

When it comes time to talk to the investigator; just be honest with those events (if you were acquitted; then I would not worry about that as well) and focus on the positive.

I was arrested for trespassing and ended up becoming a Warrant and now have a TS. Just keep your nose clean and continue on the path on righteousness. Religion helps. Wink
Thank you so much for your reply,

Current clearance is Secret and I'm just trying to maintain it. Security NCOIC made it sound like it's up in the air, but I would think I would've heard something by this point if it were to be revoked. There is no interview just someone supposedly 'reviewing' the documents submitted (acquittal paperwork and counseling).

Ironically, or not, my Volunteer Service awards were from mostly Roman Catholic Catechism on post!

Thanks again!
OK, so it sounds like you did the rebuttal paperwork, correct? You submitted stuff to your S2 and completed a memo about your behavior, etc?

The time frame really depends on the case load of the person reviewing your file. I've seen it go both ways, but for Secret, they tend to adjudicate on the behalf of the soldier, as long as the soldier gives them all of the paperwork they need.
They did not revoke it, they didn't do anything. My court case for the DUI dragged on and on so I only handed S2 my not guilty paperwork in November and the Counseling Statement from the firearm in December as they lost it.

When I went in to the S2 office the NCOIC told me they have not closed it yet so there is a possibility that they will revoke it some time in the near future. I would've thought they would have interim suspended it or something to that effect if that was their intent.

Any ideas?

Thanks again.

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