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I have some debt in collections and I was told that this would be a problem for security clearance in the MOS that I am interested in. If I could clear the debt before the security clearance process, would it still be an issue that I have a bad credit history?

Also, I have a DUI and a suspended license arrest, both of which were dropped (the term used on the DUI was a nolle prosse i think) and I was given community service and probation. This was almost 5 years ago. Do you think I would still be allowed in?
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I'm quite surprised how serious the DUI is. Thought it would be a non-issue since it was lowered to reckless driving and was 5 years ago.

These are the last people in the world I would want to lie to.

Are you referring to just security clearance, or enlistment in general? Not sure what you mean by "deadline"
I enlisted with prior DUI/Driving on suspended lisence amongst several other questionable actions and received a waiver for enlistment and my first level of security clearance within 18 months of those convictions. Disclosure is key for your clearance, don't think that a few screw ups and debt will hurt you. I hold the highest attainable clearance now (not initially). It all depends on how you present yourself to the investigator. And remember, we're all human so we all make mistakes.
Good luck on that. Almost guaranteed you won't be able to join with a DUI now. I know of 3 people not getting in for minor possession of marijuana. It is not the same as it once was. My unit alone is on chapter paperwork for 5 people just for weight. Another for debt because she owes vast amounts and can't make payments and two more med boarded.

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