separation from the armmy reserves

I was in the active reserves for two years. Unfortunately I failed the pt test twice and I was separated from the unit some six months ago.

I've been trying to get some answers from my old unit, but, they aren't cooperative.

With the separation finished, am I back to the Inactive reserves?
Will this separation prevent me from joining another branch? (coast guard, air force)?
Is there anything important that I should be aware of now that I'm out of the active reserves?

any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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Most likely with a derogatory seperation, you will recieve a Re-entry code 3 or worse on your DD 214. Which YES, HELL YES this would STOP you from joining the Coast Guard Active Duty OR Reserves. Also, the Air Force Reserves will be out of the picture, and the Active Duty Air Force for Prior Service NEVER was in the picture from the start, they pretty much DO NOT take Prior Service.
With a Reserve separation, there won't be a DD form 214.

The 214 is a discharge from active duty.

odzan, look at your separation orders. If it says something like "Discharged from the Army Reserve" you are completely out of the Army.

If it says something more like "Released from current assignment" and "Assigned to Control Group Reinforcement" then you are in the IRR.

If you can PM me with your full name, I can look up your current status.

Discharge for APFT failure seems quite unlikely to me. Are there other factors involved (like not showing up to drill)?

Prior to any transfer from TPU status, you should have met with a career counselor to discuss your potential loss of benefits. This may include MGIB, SLRP, and bonus recoupment.

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