This is my first time writing on any forum, usually i find the answers by reviewing previously posted questions. But i feel that i have hit a brick wall and need advice before I potentially shoot myself in the foot.

I am a SPC in the Army. I am currently awaiting for my new commander to resign my family care plan separation, and send it to legal for review. Due to my previous commander who has already left the company failing to council me correctly on the family care plan separation. I am being barred from re-enlistment which I feel is a bit harsh for being a good solider with no blemishes on my record, who is having to turn my whole life around due to unforeseen life changing events.. I'm planning on going to college and was wondering is it possible to get a waiver to re-enlist as an officer once i graduate college much later on down the road is their a appel and if so is it a long process? But to the real question. I got into it with my new 1SGT because he wants me to perform CQ shifts regularly 2 times a month, as if I'm not a single father with no family or support for my child who is under 4yrs of age. I was told that i cannot protect my child from everything and i cant place her in a bubble that i should just find any random baby sitter, keep i mind my child has never ever once had a baby sitter and has already been separated from her mother causing sever seperation anxiety. My childs mother who is extreamly mentally ill; who lives near Idaho is no longer in the picture and I live in Oahu with my child. So i was told to just find a sitter 15yrs of age and pay them 40 bucks for the day??! seriously!, so my request for exemption to CQ went no where and we just couldn't see eye to eye on the matter. So i said roger and walked away. I'm already marked for Family Sep so how is it that even after acknowledging the fact that i have no alternate caretaker for my child that he tells me if i don't show up for duty i will be brought up on UCMJ for disobeying a direct order, failure to report followed by him saying UCMJ separation goes through faster than Family separation so I'm just saying you can either get out as a SPC honorably or as a Private Dishonorably?? I already got accepted to my college of choice and will be living with family once i get out to help take care of my child while I'm in school but how can you sit their and tell me knowing all my hardships and honest reasons as being the only care taker for my child (court orderd); and then threaten to take away the only benefit (gi-bill) i have to show for after nearly 5 years of service as 11B. Basically i was planning on calling Legal and IG and the Chaplin to try and find my way through this but before I did all that i was hoping someone can clear this up for me and possibly give me actual regs on the matter, as my research has shown me nothing related to this.

FYI - I attend all formation i wake me and my child up every day at 0430 to make the drive to her full time day care where she spends the entire day. I am not asking for exceptions to anything other than the fact i cannot work 24hrs.. how can this be possible my 1SGT cannot threaten and force me to pay a stranger to watch my child and tell me if i don't its my good record and honorable status on the line?

Thanks for any help on this matter if you need clarification please let me know.

Very Respectfully
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Hope this is not too blunt, but basically the Army "tries" to help work with troops on family issues. BUT your children and dependents are honestly not the Army's dependents, employees, or service members, the Army did not issue them to you, or get consulted on life choices you made outside your Army obligations. It sucks, but underneath all the ACS, AER, unit and communuity help is the simple fact you have obligations to the Army and everything else (push come to shove) can be considered secondary.

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