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If anyone is in Europe and wants an example "study guide" and references for the Sergeant Morales Club Selection Board you can PM me. I became a member this year.

For these boards, you need to ensure your Soldier's counseling packets, Leaders Book, and ERB, as well as NCOERS are squared away. For SMC, you need to practice answering hypothetical questions dealing with touchy subject ranging from homosexuals, assaults, NCO's with debt and in need of housing or loans that don't qualify.

You need to go to your on post ACS and know all the programs they offer, you need to know Army Family Team Building, BOSS, MWR, anything that helps Soldiers or families. Go out right now and start volunteering.

Go find the president of the club you are trying to join and inquire about meetings, there should be bulletin boards around post, if not, use your NCO Support Channel to find your contact and begin volunteering with the group and trying to attend monthly meetings.

Good thing is, if your a member of one club, you can participate in the other, you will recieve a membership card and the ability to participate in all Audie Murphy functions. So why you are in Europe, do the Morales Club and volunteer with them for running NCOER bullets, and when you go to the States you will be able to add in your Audie Murphy NCOER bullets for volunteering, ect. Also, this works viceversa, inducted into Audie Murphy through boards gives your honorary membership into SMC.

Good luck and contact me if you need info if you are in the Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, Hohenfels, Garmish area and are interested in joining.
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I'm currently deployed and have recently been told I was recommended to attend the SMC board at the end of November. I am brushing up on all my soldier and family programs but would like to have as much knowledge going into the board as possible. Any info you could send me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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