Serious pre-BCT help needed

I started training with a friend, who already belonged to the Army reserves, to get in shape for BCT. When classes kicked in we stopped working out as much then we both got jobs and stopped working out completely. Between 2 job schedules, school schedules and marching band there wasn't enough time.

For my age and height( 20, 5'5) I should be at 154 but Im not im actually at 170. I have a lot of work to do i know, but the problem is I'm not really overweight I just have really big breast (sorry dont mean to offend) How can I make this issue go away :-( or will it even matter.

As far as the other requirements I can only do about 5 good push up 7 or 8 if I really really try, i run one mile in about 11:10 to 11:25, and for sit ups I can do about 15..

Any advice or suggestions would help. Thanks!
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Run with a sweat shirt on, work on doing push ups. Do as many as you can, then go to your knees and do as many as you can. Take a break for 10 minutes and do it again for 5-6 rotations. It's all about doing the exercises daily. Do cardio one day, upper body the next and abs the one after. Or figure out a routine with abs in it every time.

If you work out continuously 4-5 days a week for an hour each time you'll be fine. It doesn't matter if you don't think you're overweight, the army does. So work on getting in better shape and shed some pounds. Good luck!
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Sounds like you will need to cut either one of those jobs or the marching band...cant cut school and you need to prepare for the Army which is your future, not those two jobs, or the band...thats what I would do, something has to give...good luck

+1 My thoughts EXACTLY!

It is all a matter of priorities and willpower.

You need to lose weight. If you are 170 at 5'5", you are overweight and it isn't just big breasts.
You need to control you diet if you want to get the weight off, because no matter how much you work out, if you have an excess of calories you won't lose weight. Additionally, it will make other areas of fitness (running) so much easier.

Try myfitnesspal to start tracking what you eat and your caloric intake.

I'm not saying it to be mean, I am saying it because you will be continually weighed during your career and if it's an issue that you can't get control of, you will have a very difficult enlistment ahead of you. It will be a constant, unending source of stress for you daily.
The easiest thing to do diet wise is to stop .....COMPLETELY....full strength soda, and fruit juices. Dietsoda or Coke Zero is OK, there aren't any calories. I am completely aware it does not taste the same, when that voice in your head encourages you to drink the full calorie stuff then just think of the biggest, fattest, sloppiest person that you personally have regular encounters with, and realize that is what they drink. Cause after all you don't want to be like them do you?

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