Setting up a motorpool downrange

I am looking for advice on the best way to divide up our soldiers for our upcoming deployment. In the actual maintenance section we have myself and an E-5 as far as NCOs. There are 2 very experienced SPC's, experienced with MRAPS, and 3 brand new privates; 2 Bravo's and a Hotel. The E-5 and I are not experienced with MRAPS. The Motor SGT wants us split up into Unscheduled Maint. and Services. I am the least experienced so I volunteered to take Services; that's the section I run in garrison. The E-5 could take unscheduled and we could each take one of the SPC and split up the PVTs however. The old Motor SGT (not going to be Motor SGT during deployment) said he thought we should put the two SPC on unscheduled and have the rest of us (both NCOs and all 3 privates) on Services, since he said they pose the largest challenge and the two SPC know MRAPS (somewhat) and the rest of us don't. I have never been deployed so I don't know the workload really or how it gets; I am hesitant to leave the two SPC w/out an NCO to oversee them. Any thoughts?
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Dunno what kind of operation you guys are running, but your probably going to be out there with them anyways in the MP if your going to be at the same instillation as them. You are going to learn the MRAPS fairly quick. Our maintence team hadn't gotten a chance to work with them before we deployed this last time.

I think if I was in charge of the system I would go with your plan to split the SPC's who are ( As of now ) subject matter " experts "

If your supporting a unit that does missions there is going to be ALOT of "Unscheduled" maintenence going on. The scheduled stuff only happens every so often, so I'm sure you won't be on down time just because it's not time to perform a monthly or quarterly service.

Reguardless, you will all be experts by the time you hang up your promasks.

Also dispite my professional opinion of your online persona, I do hope you bust your butt and come back a Sergeant.

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