SGLI-whats the truth?

OK, does SGLI get payed to your NOK REGARDLESS of how you died or can the army pull technicalities out its 4th point?

Example: If you kill yourself. NO IM NOT GONNA KILL MYSELF!!!!

Example: If you drive outside the 200 mile or whatever it is radius without a pass

Example: If your wearing NONissue bodyarmor

If your gonna response please include a Reg or some sort of proof.
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Ok...I have some better information for you now. AR 600-8-1 Chapter 12 Page 59 (LIFE INSURANCE) This covers what you are asking. But keep in mind if the doctor declares the death is NOT IN LINE OF DUTY and IS NOT LIKELY TO RESULT IN A CLAIM AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT FOR FUTURE MEDICAL CARE then you would have problems. A formal investigation can be done. Also for the Body Armor portion, saying a soldier dies in the line of fire with NON-Military Body Armor then the unit can accept that responsibility...just depends on the unit. Hope all of this answers your question.
I understand that the Army briefs you that if you act recklessly, then your SGLI will not be paid. Although there are some benefits that are affected on whether you die "In the Line of Duty" or "Not in the Line of Duty", SGLI is NOT one of them. Take my word for it, I handle Active Duty survivor benefits and SGLI is my speciality! The biggest issue we have with SGLI is that the soliders dont look at thier monthly SGLI deductions on thier LES! Please look at the coverage amounts below to ensure that you are paying for your desired coverage amount. If not, you need to notify your chain of command IMMEDIATELY! Most of the time, if you decreased/declined your coverage at one point and then tried to increase it again, no one notified you to submit an SGLV-8285, even though it states you must on your SGLV-8286 under "I do not want insurance at this time". It says, "Note: Reduced or refused insurance can ONLY be restored by completing form SGLV 8285..." S1s and SRP sites miss this all the time. Don't let your family go without or with less because you did not take the time to look at your LES.

$27.00 - $400k
$23.75 - $350k
$20.50 - $300k
$17.25 - $250k
$14.00 - $200k
$10.75 - $150k
$7.50 - $100k
$4.25 - $50k
$0.00 - $0
Yeah my Station Commander argued with me that if you did not wear your seat belt or helmet (motorcycle) that if you died the Army would cancel your SGLI, I proved him wrong and then tried to say that he saw a family not get it b/c his buddy had not worn his seatbelt...he always wants to win the argument even with proof otherwise...
Although they want to scare you into being safe, the truth is that there are monetary benefits that will be affected if you are not safe. Survivor Benefits Program is one. This would be a monthly payment to your spouse (forever, as long as they do not remarry before age 55) OR to each of your children, until age 18 or 22, if unmarried and full time student. Cannot be both your spouse and your children, but the spouse gets to choose after the soldier's death, soldier has no control over this. However, if you are drinking and driving, AWOL or whatever and they find your death "Not in the Line of Duty" your dependants will NOT receive this benefit. Please keep this in mind when you about to do something reckless.
That is interesting that there would be any circumstance that a soldier who PAYS for SGLI should not be eligible for the benefit upon his/her death... except in the case of suicide, that one I understand. But since SGLI is not free, the soldier is paying for it, it should pay out regardless of a "reckless" act like wearing the wrong body armor or not in the line of duty!
We supplement our SGLI with AAFMAA (also for military so there is no war clause, where other insurances would not pay out if you die while deployed since it was a known risk). For the equal $400K it is only $19/month. Maybe something to look into to replace or supplement your SGLI.
Yes, if the soldier pays his/her SGLI premiums the soldier is covered, even in the case of suicide or recklessness. What I was explaining previously is that there are OTHER military benefits, such as SBP, that can be affected if the soldier's death is found "Not in the Line of Duty".

Ok, according to the website above:

There are two sections that cover termination and forfeiture of coverage. The list includes everything you would expect. No funny business: these are serious reasons to not allow SGLI.

These are NOT reasons: Not wearing a seatbelt, drunk driving or suicide.
These ARE reasons: AWOL, court-martial, arrest, mutiny, treason, spying, desertion, conscientious objectors, or receiving punishment from the law for a crime (still pays out for enemy "capital punishments"). Keep in mind each case is different and not always clear cut. For example, a Soldier suffering from long documented PTSD who goes AWOL.

So what's the big deal with the LINE OF DUTY "NO?"

There are a lot of benefits that your survivors are eligible for with a LINE OF DUTY "YES." Again, every case is different, but many require a death/disability in the line of duty.
Here are a few examples:
Immediate Income Assistance - death gratuity, burial benefits, social security lump-sum payment,
Transition Assistance - can include counseling, TRICARE, BAH
Income replacement - AKA Survivors Benefit Plan - Payment to survivor (spouse and/or child)

To tell you the truth about line of duty investigations, if you do something stupid, you are essentially putting your survivors' future in the hands of another person. That person, the investigating officer, is given a set of guidelines, but it ultimately left up to decide on their own "yes" or "no." Would you say that drunk driving is for sure a line of duty "no?" Maybe you can, but the next person can't. I think about this every time I want to get adventurous mischief.
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