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Hello all,

Here's the question, an 11B SGT being rated as a rifleman on his next NCOER due to having no available positions in the platoon for any leadership positions.

This platoon/company is a special case with many compassionate reassignments and most the people assigned in the platoon are E-5's.

What's the course of action? Request to be moved to somewhere there is a position open for a SGT or what?

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If the 11B sergeant is only a rifle man and has no additional duties or responsibilities then it is appropriate to rate him accordingly.

A solution could be to request additional duties and responsibilities so that you can be put in a "team leader" position with soldiers under you or to request to be put somewhere that there is an open position.

Understanding that this was a compassionate reassignment - this may not be possible. Either way, soldiers should be rated by their actions, not but what their rank enables them to do.

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